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Earn your Ph.D. through 100% online coursework.

Why earn your Ph.D. in Health Professions Education at Bellarmine?

Our Ph.D. in Health Professions Education is a 48-hour (post master’s degree) cohort-based program with a completely online delivery format. The degree prepares students from diverse healthcare backgrounds for college and university teaching, leadership, and research careers.

Graduates of the program will fill the significant shortages of academically qualified faculty to meet regional and professional accrediting body requirements in healthcare related fields including, but not limited to, nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, speech-language pathology, medical laboratory sciences, imaging sciences, pharmacy, physician assistants, radiation therapy, dental hygiene, and health care administration.

This program is intended for working professionals with classes held virtually. Courses are offered through a blend of both synchronous and asynchronous virtual class sessions, with guided online work completed independently throughout the semester. Coursework can be completed in eight semesters (no more than two courses per semester) with the dissertation completed in semesters nine and ten.

Program Highlights

Bellarmine’s Ph.D. in Health Professions Education curriculum prepares students to teach in both the college/university and clinical settings. The program includes student development theories, as well as pedagogical strategies for teaching in the classroom, online, clinical, and laboratory settings. In addition, the program prepares graduates to understand and employ multiple teaching-learning theories as well as evaluate program and curricular effectiveness. Coursework in both qualitative and quantitative statistics and research methods will ultimately prepare students to engage in scholarly activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would this program benefit me in the workplace?
Bellarmine’s Ph.D. in Health Professions Education curriculum prepares students to teach in both the college/university and clinical settings.

Would I be eligible for any financial assistance?
Yes. You will want to file the FAFSA and apply for federal loans at Graduate students are eligible for loans in the amount of $20,500 per academic year (fall, spring and summer) while enrolled.

Will I be assigned a program advisor who will mentor me and guide me through my course work?
Yes. Each graduate student will have a program advisor who serves as a mentor to assist with course selection, practicum site identification and dissertation efforts.

Student Story

Beth Huebner DPT poses confidently for a photo

“As a full-time educator, wife and mom, and part-time physical therapist, finding time to pursue my goal of completing a PhD and finding the right program was a daunting task. After spending many months researching various programs I came across Bellarmine’s PhD in Health Professions Education and I was excited to see a program that could fit all of my needs. This program has robust and diverse curriculum that prepares students to be great educators in the dynamic and evolving health professions programs, as well as, the flexibility to complete course work online and at a pace that did not take away from my other responsibilities. The faculty are also extremely supportive and truly come alongside the student to help them complete the program. This degree will allow me to progress in leadership roles in higher education and has made me a better educator in physical therapy education. I’m grateful for the opportunities this degree opens up for me and my future. ”

Bethany Huebner, PT, DPT
Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy
Certified Manual Therapist
Department Chair/Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
University of Evansville

Faculty Profiles

Here is a quick snapshot of a few of our faculty members.

Barbara Jackson, PhD, RN

Barbara Jackson, Ph.D., RN
Dr. Jackson serves as the chair of the Ph.D. in Health Professions Education program, is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Assessment and Accreditation of the Lansing School of Nursing and Clinical Sciences. She was elected to the Education and Research Cabinet with the Kentucky Nurse’s Association, where she also serves as secretary. Dr. Jackson earned her BSN at Indiana University Southeast and her Ph.D. in Nursing from the University of Louisville. Her research interests include a focus on vulnerable populations, including homelessness, poverty, and incarceration. She has worked with mothers who live in urban settings, mothers in prison, as well as rural and urban pediatric populations. She works with a hospital research council on topics related to patient education and staff development. Her primary teaching responsibilities have included health policy, evidence-based practice, scholarship and pedagogy in HPE and Qualitative Research.

Megan Danzl, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS

Megan Danzl, PT, DPT, Ph.D., NCS
Dr. Danzl teaches in the following courses: Introduction to Acute Care, Service Learning Clinic, and Neurological Rehabilitation for the Adult Patient. Her current scholarship interests include examining the practice of patient and caregiver education in physical therapy practice, the use of qualitative research methods in physical therapy research, and neurorehabilitation. She serves as the research and education coordinator in the Bellarmine University and Norton Healthcare neurologic physical therapy residency.

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