Exchange Students and Visiting Scholars

Bellarmine University has active partnerships with dozens of universities around the world. Students enrolled at any of these partner universities can inquire with their home university's international office to learn how to apply for the exchange program. Additionally, Bellarmine is a member of ISEP, an international exchange network. If your home university is a member of ISEP, you may apply to study abroad at Bellarmine through ISEP's application process.

The J-1 visa is the most common visa issued under these types of programs. It is important you fully understand the rules regarding this status visa so you can enjoy your time while in the United States. See the links below for further details on how to apply and maintain your status.

As a potential undergraduate exchange student you can explore the course programs and availability by checking the Schedule of Courses. This will help you decide what courses you would like to take prior to your arrival. If you click on the course number, a description of the course will be given. Make sure you check out the prerequisites (list of courses you must take before you can take the course you are interested in). You can do this by looking below the course description (by clicking on the course number described above). Waivers for this requirement can be made if you have evidence of the prerequisite course from your home institution.