Transfer Students

Transfer students must follow a process similar to new students, but with a few changes. Transfers include students finishing at an English language program, undergraduates seeking to continue their degree at Bellarmine, and any student applying for a graduate degree who is currently enrolled in a U.S. institution. 

We advise that you consult your current DSO far in advance of your transfer application. You must inform your current DSO of your intent to transfer within 60 days of finishing your current program, if you're graduating. Failure to do so will invalidate your visa. Transfers must be handled carefully to make sure you maintain status throughout the process. 

Step One

Apply to Bellarmine by filling out the online application. 

Step Two

Collect and supply the following:

1. One letter of recommendation from a former professor or employer
2. Transcripts from your current institution
3. A copy of your Passport ID page
4. A financial statement equal to or exceeding the costs for one year of attendance. This amount will include cost of living and travel, among other items, and will be provided to you by Admissions. 
5. If the funds are not yours, you must submit a sponsor affidavit attesting to the fact that they will support your education. This form will be provided to you by Admissions. 

Step Three

Complete the Transfer Form and share it with your current DSO. This form will confirm for International Support that you are eligible to transfer. Do not ask your DSO to transfer your SEVIS record without providing Bellarmine with this form. 

Step Four

International Support will examine all of your documentation and coordinate with your current DSO to have your SEVIS record transferred.

Step Five 

Receive the I-20 from Bellarmine's International Support. Check it for accuracy. If your current visa is unexpired and still valid or if you do not intend to travel outside of the U.S., you do not need to make a new visa application.  

Step Six

Arrive at Bellarmine and attend International Orientation where the rest of your questions will be answered.