Arthur N. BecVar Artist in Residence Program


The program’s mission is to facilitate the examination of the art and science of nursing and the health sciences through the eyes of an undergraduate student working in the fine and creative art mediums. The goal is a better understanding of health care work on the part of health care practitioners themselves and the general public.

Program Description

The Artist in Residence participates in the activities and lived experiences of faculty, students, patients, and families in the health sciences and creates a written, verbal, musical, or visual response to be shared with the Bellarmine community and the community at large. The artist works with a Bellarmine mentor in his/her chosen artistic discipline. The applicant must be a junior or senior when in residence.

The BecVar Artist in Residence (AIR) Program at Bellarmine University has been a successful program over the past several years, matching students from various programs in the arts and humanities (Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, English, Digital Art Technology, Communications) with Nursing and the Health Sciences programs in the Lansing School. Since the 2002-2003 school year, numerous students in the arts have partnered with Lansing School programs to provide innovative and creative insights to health, wellness and illness. Created by Dr. Sue Davis and working with Dr. Carole Pfeffer and Prof. Fred Smock, the program has provided insights into the complex world of healthcare through artistic expression.

The generosity of Mrs. Arthur N. (Jayne) BecVar has created a lasting memory of her husband Art through this endowment program and recognizes the importance of the arts in better understanding and appreciating wellness, health and illness. The diverse creative talents of the BecVar family exemplify the connections this program seeks to nurture between the arts and the health sciences. While creating an opportunity for students in traditional liberal arts programs to apply for scholarship funding, assistance with artistic production and faculty mentoring, the program also provides a real-world experience for students to respond to a Request for Proposal call and prepare an application for funding. The program carries a stipend of approximately $1,300.00 each semester, which can be disbursed as taxable income, or applied to tuition. Additionally, $500 is available for materials and installation costs.