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Fall 2019

Bellarmine Means Business

Turner Wathen ’12 MBA, Rolling Fork Spirits

Rolling Fork Spirits is named after the first Wathen family distillery, founded in 1788—Rolling F...

Fall 2019

Crews' Views

Bringing Bellarmine values to Division I

"BU will fit right in alongside other DI powerhouses, like Stanford, Yale and Princeton."

Fall 2019


From near death to the Senior Olympics

Ray Schehr ’57 recovered from a wreck at 80, then took his table-tennis paddle to Albuquerque.

Fall 2019

Secret Life of Adjuncts

Dr. Erin Abell, Doctor of Physical Therapy

This pediatric physical therapist is also a world champion ballroom dancer.

Fall 2019


Jodson Graves, student-veteran

For veterans, Bellarmine is "a space to learn and grow into the next stage of life."

Fall 2019

From the Experts

Meditate your way to a better today

Don't let these common myths get in your way of a healthy practice.

Fall 2019


At Assateague

"It’s unbearable, this scene/its sickening romance...."

Fall 2019

Letter from the President

Generosity of spirit

A tribute to David Jones Sr., the "subtle giant" of Louisville.

Fall 2019


Thomas Merton and the Curious Case of the 1950 Pulitzer P...

Merton never knew that one of his poetry books was a contender. Almost no one did--until now.