A random selection of novels in a bookstore


Half-Price Panic Attacks

Spring 2020


Back of his friend’s car

Watching the shadows
Play along the roof
In the moonlight
Head resting in the curve of his neck
Pink Floyd playing on a loop
Winter air
Crisp and sovereign
Blowing along the exterior
Of our warmth,
Our safe-haven
All the while
My heart is screaming
Within my ribs
Why have you let yourself be outside
Why have you let yourself be 
Panic attacks in bookstores
Are the easiest to handle
When had in the quiet
Of the public restroom
With the vacancy lock
Firmly in place
Picking up the shambles of my soul
From beside the novelties section
At Half-Price Books
Written by Kelsey Woods, a third-year student at Bellarmine from Mount Washington, Kentucky, who is double majoring in secondary education and English. She is on the staff of Bellarmine's Ariel Magazine and her pastimes include reading and writing poetry, listening to podcasts, and occasionally napping.

Tags: Poem