Merton Bridge

Trappist monk Thomas Merton may be Kentucky’s most famous author. His books have been published in more than 30 languages, and there are more in print now than at the time of his death nearly 50 years ago. Louisville and Kentucky are known around the world thanks to Merton’s work, much of which is housed at Bellarmine University’s Thomas Merton Center.

In his recent address to Congress, Pope Francis said that Merton is one of the four greatest Americans – along with Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and Dorothy Day. The Pope celebrated Merton as “a promoter of peace between peoples and religions” and “a man of dialogue.”

Dialogue builds bridges. Surely now is the moment for Louisville to embrace this great American by naming a prominent structure in Merton’s honor.

Sign the petition to name Louisville’s new downtown bridge the Thomas Merton Bridge, then join the conversation, using the social hashtag #MertonBridge.