First Year Student Q&A: Rahim Shalash

August 8, 2019

Incoming first-year student Rahim Shalash, from Simpsonville, is enthusiastic about beginning his Bellarmine University experience in NCAA Division I athletics and pursuing a career in neuroscience.

Today, we interview Rahim to get his thoughts on Bellarmine.


Bellarmine University: Why did you pick Bellarmine?

Rahim:  Bellarmine offered me an opportunity to achieve my dream to be a Division 1 Student-Athlete as well as offering me a strong university within a nice city that I believed could help foster my future aspirations. 

BU:  Is there anyone in particular you’d like to thank for helping prepare you for this new part of your life? 

Rahim:  This thank you of course has to go to my parents. As all parents do, my parents have provided me with the lessons, knowledge, and resources, that have built the foundation to me becoming a contributing member of society. They also have gone above and beyond in teaching and showing me what it means to be determined, ambitious, moral, respectful, and caring, as a mature adult. 

BU:  Have you picked a major? What will you be studying? 

Rahim: I will be majoring in Biology with a Pre-Medicine focus and will also be minoring in Mathematics. 

BU:  What class are you most excited to take your first semester? Why is that? 

Rahim:  I am most excited for Principles of Biology because despite my participation in multiple biology courses throughout high school, this will lay the foundation to my higher education into my career field. 

BU:  Bellarmine has a thriving campus life! Are you planning on joining any particular clubs or campus organizations? 

Rahim:  I am very excited to be a part of the Men’s Soccer team and will certainly look to participate in other campus activities and will actively pursue leadership positions. 

BU:  Do you know what you want to do after you graduate? 

Rahim:  I want to attend medical school and pursue a career in the field of Neuroscience. 


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