Archdiocese of Louisville's Gold Mass features presentation by Bellarmine professor Kate Bulinski

November 5, 2021

The Archdiocese of Louisville hosted a Gold Mass on November 3 at Holy Family Church on Poplar Level Road. The Archdiocese has hosted Red Mass for those in the legal profession, Blue Mass for public safety, and White Mass for healthcare. Wednesday's Gold Mass was in recognition of those who work in science.  

The event gathered science professionals and students in a religious ceremony to celebrate collaboration between faith and science. The event started with a mass, led by Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, followed by a presentation by Bellarmine’s faculty member Dr. Kate Bulinski titled “Faith and Science: Compatible and Complementary."

Bulinski is an associate professor in Bellarmine University’s department of Environmental Studies. She spoke about the compatibility of faith and science. 

“In our popular culture often times we see faith and science kind of portrayed as in conflict, but within the Catholic tradition we very much value the connections and how each way of knowing (science and faith) can actually enhance the other,” says Bulinski.

The organizers hope the event created a sense of fellowship among the science professionals and students who attended. 



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