Veteran and Military FAQs

What kind of benefit am I eligible for?

The answer to this question will be contained on the Certificate of Eligibility issued by the VA. The actual amount varies dependent upon the benefit category. For a list of the different benefits, please visit the VA Education Benefits site.

How much do my VA benefits pay?

Each of the education programs offered by the VA vary. For the most up-to-date information on the benefits and amounts, please visit the VA Education Benefits site.

Can I receive financial aid if I am getting VA benefits?

Yes. After you have applied and been accepted at Bellarmine, you can schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to discuss student loans, merit scholarships, and other options. You can contact them at 502.272.7300. Their office is located in Horrigan Hall, Room 202.

What are my responsibilities each semester I am enrolled at Bellarmine?

Provided you remain enrolled there is normally no need to contact the VA. However, you must contact the Bellarmine Veterans and Military Services and provide us with a copy of your current class schedule as soon as you register for each semester. You are also responsible for letting the Office of Veterans & Military Services know you are enrolled and wish to use your VA benefits every semester by simply filling out the Semester Enrollment Form and submitting the completed form to our office. If you drop or add a course, you have to fill out another form as your benefits will change. You will receive a confirmation email when you submit it.

How can I schedule a meeting with OMVS staff or book the private study room?

If you would like to book a meeting with a staff member from the Office of Military and Veteran Services or reserve the the private study room, please visit

I am a Military Recruiter, how do I request student information for recruiting purposes?

The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness has a Data Request Form that you can fill out. You must use the attachment option to provide evidence of your affiliation before IR&E will respond to any student directory information requests.

Does Bellarmine qualify for the Kentucky Tuition Waiver Program for children and spouses of veterans who are 100% service connected disabled or died in action?

Unfortunately, Bellarmine is not a public, state-funded university, therefore we do not qualify for the Kentucky Tuition Waiver Program. For more information on the tuition waiver program, please see the following PDF.

How do I request my military transcripts?

For Air Force transcripts visit:
For all other branches visit: