Bellarmine University Partnerships

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Bellarmine University’s Commitment to Mutually Beneficial Partnerships in Louisville and the Region

Bellarmine is committed to strengthening our connection to the city, state, and region of which we are part by seeking out new avenues for partnership and collaboration. Bellarmine will be an engaged partner to expand learning opportunities, enhance career networks and economic growth, and advance equity and quality of life for its neighboring communities. Fitting our Catholic social justice mission, our responsibility to our community involves an intentional, visible, symbiotic relationship with the city.

The Work of Bellarmine Partnerships

The establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships through sustainable, authentic, and reciprocal relationship building is the mission of all divisional areas of campus. The leadership for Bellarmine Partnerships includes representatives from Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Enrollment, Marketing & Communications, and Development & Alumni Relations. This team is a cross-divisional collaborative that works with community partners to strengthen the quality of life in the region and provide high-quality teaching, learning and research opportunities for students and faculty.

Bellarmine Partnerships work cultivates community relationships that have long-term mutual benefit for the community and the university. Its projects help to advance the mission of a community partner and help Bellarmine to:

  • Deliver a transformative student experience
  • Provide an innovative program of academic study
  • Expand and diversify enrollment and geographic reach
  • Demonstrate a fully realized and lived commitment to equity and inclusion
  • Increase student access and affordability

Partnership Types and Opportunities

Bellarmine values a variety of different partnerships with diverse businesses, corporations, and organizations. The nature of each partnership can be diverse across defined impact, engagement, resources, and population. The university broadly categorizes partnership types based upon the office in which the partnership most closely aligns in purpose. These are as follows:

Academic Development

If you would like to discuss development and/or academic programming, please contact:

Dr. Mark Wiegand
Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Community Engagement

If you would like to connect with a Bellarmine faculty member and/or recruit Bellarmine students to engage with your organization for curricular or cocurricular projects, please contact:

Dr. Liz Todd Byron
Executive Director of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement

You can also learn more by visiting Bellarmine's Center for Community Engagement site and by reading our glossary of common terms related to partnerships.


If you would like to discuss degree programs and enrollment, please contact:

Dr. Jordan Wiehebrink
Director, Enrollment Strategy and Innovation

Learn more about Enrollment and Admission

Fundraising and Philanthropic Giving

If you would like to discuss fund- and friend-raising work, lifelong engagement with alumni, sponsorship of the university, or athletics, please contact:

Dr. Jess Metzmeier
Assistant Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Learn more about our Donor Engagement and Support

Talent Recruitment

If you would like to discuss talent recruitment or additional career development opportunities, please contact:

Mr. Matt Real Director
Career Development

Learn more about Career Development at BU

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas and opportunities for partnership. If you are unsure of the type of partnership you wish to discuss, please contact: 

Dr. Liz Todd Byron,
Executive Director of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement at or 502-272-7117