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Start at Transylvania. Finish at Bellarmine.

Interested in becoming a Bellarmine Knight? 

Bellarmine University is proud to partner with Transylvania University to launch a partnership that provides enhanced opportunities for continued college and career success. This new post-secondary educational pathway from Transy to Bellarmine prioritizes affordability, accessibility, and achievement. Transy students, alumni and employees who are interested and eligible can receive a discounted tuition rate on multiple graduate and/or second-degree programs. Additionally, Transy-affiliated students receive personalized support and guidance throughout their time at Bellarmine and beyond.

Discounted tuition rate for Transy affiliates that are new to Bellarmine for select graduate and second-degree programs (with some exclusions):

  • 15% on doctoral programs and 20% on master's-level programs (*exclusions apply)

BU offers a variety of merit- and need-based funding opportunities of which any/all eligible students may apply.  Examples include:

  • Norton Healthcare scholarship* – up to $45,000 in total tuition assistance for bachelor’s or master’s-level entry into a clinical practice degree that leads to a new clinical credential in registered nursing, respiratory therapy or laboratory sciences.
  • Noyce Knights scholarship* – up to $19,200 per year for pursuing a STEM-related bachelor’s or master’s-level certification for entry into a secondary (middle and/or high school) teaching pathway.

Free on-campus summer housing for eligible students admitted to graduate/second-degree program that begins in the summer semester (includes Accelerated BSN and Doctor of Physical Therapy)

5 Reasons to Choose Bellarmine

  1. Affordable Tuition – 2BU offers generous transfer tuition support that may be comparable to your cost to attend Jefferson.
  2. Academic Excellence – Bellarmine is a nationally-ranked university with faculty who care about your personal success.

  3. Personal Attention – Bellarmine’s unparalleled student-centered approach includes small class sizes and a designated advisor to help you thrive.

  4. Knights Get Hired – Career advising that places 99% of Bellarmine students in a job or graduate school within 6 months of graduating.

  5. Live on Campus – 2BU offers residential opportunities on Bellarmine’s beautiful, welcoming campus.

Why Students Choose Bellarmine

More Affordable than You Think

Bellarmine offers a generous tuition discount and financial aid opportunities.

Academic Excellence

Bellarmine is a nationally-ranked university with faculty who care about your personal success.

Personal Attention

Bellarmine’s unparalleled student-centered approach includes small class sizes, a designated advisor and staff member for support.

Campus Life

Residential opportunities on Bellarmine’s beautiful, welcoming campus.


Bellarmine provides access to incredible amenities, including vibrant campus engagements, personalized to fit the unique student experience. 

No Application Fees

Apply today! It isn’t too late to start this year.

Louisville location

Situated in a thriving city with local connection for an array of opportunities live, learn and work.

Seamless Transition

Bellarmine guarantees that all Transy students pursuing our partnership program will have access to resources, support, and services to ensure continued success and satisfaction.

Application Deadlines

These will vary by academic program. Please visit Graduate and Second Degree Programs, email or call 502.272.8000 to learn more.

You May Be Interested In

Request A Transcript Review

Provides you with a comprehensive explanation to verify necessary coursework and/or degree completion to determine your eligibility for applying to specific programs of interest at Bellarmine.



Start at Transy. Finish at Bellarmine.


Contact Information

All applications and correspondence relevant to partnership application/admission should be directed to:

Tim Sturgeon, Special Assistant to the Vice President of EMC