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Turn your passion for gaming into a career.

About the eSports Minor

As part of the Sports Administration program, the School of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences offers students the esports minor. Esports is a fast-growing international phenomenon and minor in esports will provide opportunities for students turn their passion into potential highly marketable skills leading to competitive careers. From business development to communications and event management, students will become emergent leaders in this multi-billion-dollar, rapidly evolving industry. 

  • Identify paths and the business models within esports.
  • Identify and analyze ethic, legal, and HR issues in esports.
  • Understand how to plan esports events.
  • Understand the basics in game design.

BU Gaming Club event

For additional engagement, students may also consider joining the Bellarmine esports club team. To learn more contact Ben or request information below.

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Minor Requirements

The esports minor requires the following 18 credit hours:

  • SPOR 105 Introduction to eSports (3)
  • SPOR 205 Business of eSports (3)
  • SPOR 210 Human and Ergonomic Factors of eSports (3)
  • SPOR 215 Video Game History and Culture (3)
  • SPOR 305 eSports Event Planning (3)
  • SPOR 310 Gaming Ethics (3)

Career Opportunities

A Sports Administration major with esports minor can prepare students for career opportunities in:

  • Live esports event management
  • Player training and performance management
  • Fan engagement and marketing
  • Esports business development
  • Esports sales and marketing specialist

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Contact Information

Mitch Greenwell
Director of Esports & Sports Administration Professor