The mission of Bellarmine University’s Office of Public Safety is to ensure a safe living, working and learning environment while being sensitive to the needs of a diverse community. We are committed to achieving the highest standards of professionalism and customer service while being dedicated to fostering cooperative relationships with the Bellarmine community.


We are committed to continually striving for excellence through professionalism, collaboration through understanding the needs of the community and exceeding their expectations.

Core Values

Collaboration: We are committed to working in collaboration with each other, the community and campus partners to mitigate and solve issues that may affect the quality of life on campus.

Excellence: We are committed to professional and personal excellence. We will continue to provide exceptional service while continuing to enhance our knowledge and expertise.

Professionalism: We are committed to demonstrating a positive attitude, competence and cooperation within the Office of Public Safety and throughout the Bellarmine community.

Responsibility & Accountability: We are committed to being responsible for our actions, willing to admit our mistakes and ensure that our behavior earns the support and trust of all.

Service: We are committed to enhancing public safety and increasing the Bellarmine University community’s sense of security.


Dedicated to the mission of public safety through collaboration, innovation and excellence.


  • To become an elite community-based public safety department in higher education.
  • Provide highly visible, proactive patrols on our campus to protect life and property.
  • Respond in a timely manner to reported incidents and other community needs.
  • Develop and maintain public safety programs that meets the changing needs of our community. 
  • Reduce the number of parking violations and parking citations issued through public education and proactive patrol measures.
  • Be approachable and resourceful to all faculty, staff, and students through practicing tolerance, patience, and compassion.
  • Strive to make a positive difference in everything we do.

Reporting a Crime

Bellarmine University takes seriously the safety of all community members and guests.  Should you witness or be in knowledge that a crime has occurred on campus, adjacent to campus, at a Bellarmine owned property, or at an event off-campus that is being hosted by Bellarmine, we encourage you to share the information that you know.  

To report a crime, you may: