Safety and Security

All Bellarmine community members and guests are encouraged to promptly report criminal incidents, suspicious activity and emergencies to Public Safety. Don't assume someone else has reported the incident. Any delay in reporting a crime greatly reduces the chances of resolving the incident in a timely manner.

Emergency Reporting

Emergency reporting includes all Police, Fire and Medical emergencies occurring on Bellarmine University property.

If it is an emergency, dial 911 then call the Office of Public Safety at 502.272.7777.

7777 may be dialed from any campus phone. 

Non-Emergency Reporting

Non-emergency reporting includes all calls for routine service to include non-emergency response to calls for suspicious circumstances, lockouts, lost or stolen property, or general assistance.

Please call 502.272.7777 and 7777 may be dialed from any campus phone. 

If necessary, an officer will be dispatched to your location to take a report of the crime or incident. 

What to have ready

When calling in case of an emergency or a non-emergency, prepare to give the following information:

  • Nature of incident
  • Location of incident
  • Description of individual(s) involved
  • Description of property involved
  • Suspected injury or condition
  • Your name and location

Bellarmine Addresses

In the event of an emergency, please provide 911 with the exact location of where you are. This will allow first responders to arrive to quicker. For a list of the locations, please click here. Remember, ONLY provide the address in the event of an emergency.

Anonymous Reporting

Please use our Anonymous Reporting form to report any crimes or suspicious activity that has occurred on campus.

AED Devices

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a medical device that analyzes the heart’s rhythm. If necessary, it delivers an electrical shock, known as defibrillation, which helps the heart re-establish an effective rhythm.

Please see our AED map for device locations.

Emergency Phones

Emergency and courtesy phones have been installed in the following locations for the safety and security of the Bellarmine community. By dialing 7777 or pushing the red button as indicated, the caller will be connected to the Public Safety Officer on duty.

Emergency Blue Phones

  • In Lot 3: Alumni Way Lot outside of Brown Activities Center
  • In the Quad outside Alumni Hall
  • Outside of Flynn Building
  • In Lot 11: Siena Lot outside of Siena Quarto
  • In Lot 11: Siena Lot behind Kennedy/Newman Hall
  • In Lot 1: Bellarmine Lot
  • Next to Anniversary Hall by softball field
  • On the right side of Knights Hall facing the front of the building
  • At the rear of Knights Hall
  • At the rear of the SuRF Center
  • Parking lot at Nolen C. Allen Hall

Please see our Phone map for device locations.

Rave Guardian App

RAVE Guardian (which replaces LiveSafe) includes features like anonymous tip submission, an emergency call directory, walk timer, an emergency call button that will quickly connect students with 911 or campus security, and more. Look for RAVE Guardian in your phone’s app store today.

Safety Tips

Being on a college campus is fun but it's important to prevent yourself from becoming more vulnerable than necessary or putting yourself into potentially harmful situations. The following tips can help you to avoid possible dangers.

  1. Don't let anyone into your residence hall, dorm room, apartment or house door that you don't know. Your personal safety is of the upmost importance. Do not allow a stranger to make you feel guilty about taking safety precautions or intimidate you into compromising your safety.  
  2. Make sure your room is locked at ALL times. A simple precaution to protect your personal items.  
  3. Be careful with your keys. Do not loan your keys (room or car) out to anyone. If you lose your dorm keys, pay the fine and get a new set.  
  4. If you have a car, lock it. It seems so easy to remember, yet it's so easy to forget. Also, if you live on campus, check on your car multiple times throughout the week.  
  5. If you have a bike, properly secure it. Secure bikes through the wheel and frame with a high quality lock; the U-Lock is recommended.  
  6. Watch your belongings. Never leave items like your backpack, laptop or cell phone unattended even if it's just for a minute. Make it a habit to take these valuables with you.
  7. Walk with a friend when out late at night. There's always safety in numbers. If you do not have any friends available, please call the Office of Public Safety for an escort.  
  8. Know the location of the nearest emergency phones on campus. There are a number of Blue Phones and Yellow Phones on campus. If needed, please use them in the event of an emergency; they will ring directly to the Office of Public Safety.  
  9. If you see something, say something. If you see something that looks suspicious or dangerous, please contact the Office of Public Safety immediately. If your life (or the life of another) is in imminent danger, call 911 then call the Office of Public Safety.  
  10. Stay alert! Pay attention to what is going on around you and avoid blocking sounds or using distracting devices such as a cell phone. Your ears and eyes are your best defense to being taken by surprise.