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Eric Scroggin '04, RE/MAX Results and E&J Homes

Summer 2019


Eric Scroggin is a builder, real-estate broker and RE/MAX franchise owner, focused primarily on building and selling residential homes. At RE/MAX Results, which he started in 2018, he employs eight agents and two office personnel and is still expanding. Along with his brother-in-law Jesse, Eric founded E&J Homes in 2016, specializing in building semi-custom, new-construction homes in the $300,000-$400,000 range, as well as investing in land-development projects.

How did Bellarmine help prepare you for what you do today?

My Bellarmine education [in Economics and Business Administration] helped me in both profound and subtle ways, the full breadth of which is difficult to illuminate in a single paragraph. I acquired deep analytical reasoning skills in Dr. Raymond’s Econometrics class; learned how to capture and evoke emotion from Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Dan Dry; and realized the virtues of teamwork pitching for the Knights’ baseball team. My knowledge of economics allowed me to foresee the new-construction housing boom and start E&J Homes ahead of the competition. My experience in photography assists me daily as I advertise products to consumers with images and video content. And my ability to work peacefully and efficiently with a variety of individuals has assisted me in all aspects of my life—business, family, and social. These are only examples; truly, the fruits of my education are so numerous as to be virtually unquantifiable.

What advice do you have for Bellarmine alumni and students interested in your profession?

Real estate is an amazing business and truly a passion of mine, and I’ve enjoyed great success—but it has never been simple. Whatever you decide to do, accept that the path you choose will be difficult. Put in the work and put yourself out there. Find a mentor. There is no greater source of knowledge than a person who consistently puts that knowledge to good use. Sit in on meetings, make their coffee, grab their lunch, absorb everything. Take risks; don’t pass up great opportunities waiting on perfection. It’s better to try and fail, and learn from your failure, than never to have tried (or learned) at all. It may seem like those who are successful have inhuman confidence, but the truth is they are also insecure at times and frequently worry they have made the wrong call. However, all who enjoy success are this: bold.

What career accomplishments are you most proud of? 

My greatest accomplishment is the numerous friendships and relationships I’ve formed throughout my career. Whether through mentoring agents to growth and success or helping clients accomplish their life’s goals, I’ve tried to surround myself with humble, passionate people who push me to be better daily, and my success in this endeavor has proven to be my success in all endeavors. From the young single mother buying her first home to the 85-year-old great-grandfather downsizing to a home with less maintenance (and everything in-between), I get to meet so many wonderful folks from all walks of life in this business. Handing clients the keys to their dream home and witnessing joy and wonder on their faces is truly a poetic experience, and perfectly encapsulates the essence of the American Dream. It is an honor to be a part of it.



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