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Eric Douglas ‘04/’08 MBA, Family Wealth Planning Partners

Fall 2020

Eric Douglas, who graduated from Bellarmine with an undergraduate degree in Communications and then earned his MBA, is now a partner and wealth manager in Family Wealth Planning Partners, a financial planning firm founded on the belief that the more informed and educated a client is about all financial matters, the more likely the client is to make better financial decisions.  

How did Bellarmine prepare you for what you are doing today?  

Bellarmine helped immensely to shape my communication skills, provided a well-rounded business education and helped to develop my critical-thinking skills, which have been instrumental in any success I've had in my career. 

What advice do you have for someone interested in pursuing your profession? 

Be a sponge. With the advent of social media, you can follow and connect with some of the greatest minds in the financial services industry. I've found most clarify to be very helpful in offering advice and encouragement. Find a few of us here locally as well that you can reach out to in person. There is so much content available on platforms like podcasts and YouTube now that peeking behind the wall of our industry has never been easier.  

What career accomplishments are you most proud of? 

In my previous position, I managed a sales team that produced over $1 billion a year in sales. That was a huge landmark for my team to hit back then. But nothing beats the exhilaration of stepping out on your own and building a firm and a career from scratch. It has also been pretty cool to create a podcast that's available for anyone in the world to consume. Special shout-out to my listeners in Europe and Asia, whoever you are. [Financial Peace of Mind Radio is available on iTunes.] 


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