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Rubel School of Business and Leadership Louisville Center Forge Dynamic Partnership

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In a landmark collaboration poised to elevate opportunities for our thriving business community and cultivate the next generation of leaders, the Rubel School of Business proudly announces a strategic partnership with Leadership Louisville Center and its sister brand, LeadingBetter™. This exciting partnership not only solidifies our commitment to community advancement but also places our business students at the forefront of leadership excellence.

Paul Bolton, Director of Business Development of Leadership Louisville Center and LeadingBetter™, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "After decades of working closely with Kentuckiana leaders, the Leadership Louisville Center identified two common denominators among those making a significant impact: a dedication to personal growth and a commitment to community enrichment. In response, the Center launched LeadingBetter™ to extend our mission of social impact leadership both regionally and nationally. Partnering with Bellarmine University we enhance students' networking and continuous learning experiences while fostering community engagement and professional development opportunities through our LeadingBetter™ Pathways program. This collaboration seamlessly aligns, merging expertise in leadership development with Bellarmine's academic excellence to empower graduate students, preparing them as future leaders driving positive change in our community."

Dean Diane Bruce, guiding the Rubel School of Business with vision and determination, emphasized the partnership's profound impact on our student body. “We are excited about the opportunity to expand the resources available to our undergraduate, graduate students, alumni, faculty and staff to utilize the excellent professional development opportunities provided by Leadership Louisville, the preeminent leadership training organization in the region.” 

The synergy between the Rubel School of Business and Leadership Louisville Center and its sister brand LeadingBetter™ holds immense promise for our community. As we embark on this journey together, we anticipate a wealth of new initiatives, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities that will propel our businesses and individuals to greater heights. We also aim to nurture the talents of our students while fostering economic growth and prosperity within our community. 

As we begin this journey together, we invite our students, faculty, and partners to join us in shaping a brighter future for business leadership. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we continue to forge pathways to success and excellence. 

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