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PODCAST: Dr. Carver and the Women of Color Executive Leadership Certificate Program

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Host Jim Ray interviews Dr. Patricia Carver and Alexandra Moro about the Women of Color Entrepreneurs-Leadership Certificate. This is one of the initiatives Dr. Munshi launched, as part of her vision for the Rubel School of Business at Bellarmine University.

Dr. Carver is a Bellarmine alumna and Associate Professor who teaches the first-year Intro to Business class and the senior Internship class. Alexandra is Associate Director of Graduate and Executive Education Programs at Bellarmine. 



Women of Color Entrepreneurs-Leadership Certificate

This program is designed to help all women of color who are starting businesses. They do not have to be graduates of Bellarmine. It’s a community resource. The program consists of six modules lead by entrepreneurs and Bellarmine faculty.

The 6 modules are as follows:

  1. Leadership
  2. Financial Acuity
  3. Marketing & Social Media
  4. Communications
  5. Negotiations
  6. Capstone Session

This is the first program of Rubel’s Executive Education initiative. The target audience for this particular program is not necessarily a college graduate. Dr. Carver explains that is meant for women of color who want to be entrepreneurs. She states “women of color make up at least 50% of the women who own businesses. They are the fastest growing population of entrepreneurs.”

According to Dr. Carver, the average revenue of entrepreneurs is approximately $143,000 per year. The revenue for black female-owned businesses is only $24,000 per year. This disproportionate performance underscores the importance of this type of leadership program for our community, at large.

Factors Driving the Revenue Gap:

  • Lack of access to business loans and other forms of capital.
  • Lack of a network to help them apply for a business loan.
  • Lack of experience marketing and communicating their product or service.
  • Lack of self-confidence, driven by “the imposter syndrome

We Can Use Your Help

We are actively looking for people who would like to act as mentors for the women who participate in this leadership program.  You can email Dr. Carver, if you are interested in helping.  Click here to find her contact information.

Helping to Build Brand Awareness

Dr. Carla Childers will teach the marketing module.  Social media and other digital tools are important for building brand awareness and in creating a successful brand.  Understanding what the options are, how to use them and how to implement an online strategy to leverage these resources will provide a foundation for growth.  

The Confidence to Negotiate Effectively

The ability to effectively sell yourself and your business to a prospective lender is key to your ability to secure a business loan.  Can you inspire confidence?  Sometimes it’s about more than simply the numbers. 

The Leadership Certificate program understands the importance of being able to present well.  It also provides confidence enabling participates to review and negotiate terms and/or elements of contracts.  The negotiation shouldn’t be one-sided. 

Interested in Participating in the Women of Color Executive Leadership Certificate Program?

The initial launch of this program will offer limited participation.  If you, or someone you know, would be interested in participating, email Dr. Patricia Carver.  Click this link to find her contact information.


The views and opinions expressed during the Bellarmine on Business podcast do not necessarily reflect those of Bellarmine University, its administration or the faculty at large.  The episodes are designed to be insightful, thought-provoking and entertaining.



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