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PODCAST: Mike DiCenso, Amplify Louisville

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Host Jim Ray interview’s Mike DiCenso of Amplify Louisville and his focus on highlighting Louisville’s entrepreneurial opportunities. They also discuss a job board he’s created for both college students and companies which may have internships or co-op positions available.

Mike is the Program Director for Amplify Louisville, an entrepreneurial support organization. He moved to Louisville in 2014 while working for Pepsi. He later joined GE Appliances. Later, he decided to focus his energy and passion in the start-up world.

"Even if your business doesn’t seem to be a 'tech-enabled, scalable business' they are still willing to try to help."

The objective is to promote job growth. Amplify Louisville is state-funded by the Economic Development Department, via the RISE grant. Mike and Amplify’s Executive Director, Larry Horn, focus primarily on Louisville area. They are promoting the tech-enabled, scalable businesses. However, both Mike and Larry have broad experience in the start-up world, so even if your business doesn’t seem to be a “tech-enabled, scalable business,” they are still willing to try to help.

Other cities such as Cincinnati, Nashville and Indianapolis have flourished, while Louisville is still waiting on a catalyst. Amplify Louisville hopes to be part of that catalyst and part of the Kentucky Innovation Group. They are trying to bring in new investors, new ideas and other enablers to propel economic growth.



The 4 Pillars of Amplify Louisville

  1. Access to capital (from in-state and out-of-state sources)
  2. Access to customers
  3. Access to talent
  4. Access to programming


The Job Board

This resource is a new clearing house to help all of us to better understand the available start-up opportunities in Kentucky. Companies can be listed on this board to find resources related to Amplify’s 4 pillars. It’s also a way to understand the start-up ecosystem. What companies are hiring? What do those companies do? Where can I find out more about those companies? The resource is for companies, investors and potential employees. To learn more about the Job Board, visit:


A Training Resource

Part of Amplify Louisville’s mission is to fill the gaps for those who may need additional skill development. As the program director, Mike works to create weekly programming on specific subjects. September 2020 was Sales Week featuring professionals sharing information and knowledge via Zoom meetings. These sessions were uploaded to a program library, and can be accessed, for free, by anyone who is interested in learning more about specific topics of interest. It’s a great resource to support local entrepreneurs.


Opportunities for Undergraduates and Graduate Students

The job board is a terrific resource for undergraduates and graduates who are looking for to intern, co-op or engage in a capstone project opportunities. Start-ups can really use the help from students. Students may enjoy working at newly formed organization because if offers the chance to experience a variety of business areas.

If you’re a Bellarmine student and are interested in learning more or pursuing an existing opportunity, the Amplify Job Board is already integrated with the Bellarmine system, via Handshake.

If you’re involved with a local start-up and you’d like to get involved with Bellarmine’s students, you can contact Amplify Louisville, or go directly to  Bellarmine’s Career Center office.

Upcoming Events via Amplify Louisville

  • Bellarmine’s Digital Divide Hackathon
  • Pre-Seed Financing
  • Fundraising 101
  • And many more


Moving Forward

Among other things, Amplify is working on a resources map to help better understand the elements and resources available to start-ups in our community. Mike intends to continually build bridges and assets to help connect the ecosystem. 


Upcoming Events:
3/16/21: Dean’s Executive Speaker Series (virtual). Scott Colosi, former President of Texas Roadhouse, will discuss his journey and moving up through the organization. He’ll also provide 10 tips for recent graduates to help them succeed. Click here to register for the event.

3/20/21: Social Innovation Hackathon – Bridging Louisville’s Digital Divide. Bellarmine, Louisville Metro Government and others are sponsoring this event to discuss and find solutions to some of our community’s most pressing issues. Click here for more information.

Bellarmine Career Development Service – This service is open to both Bellarmine students and alumni. Is it time to make a change? Click here to contact learn how Bellarmine can help.

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