PODCAST: Bellarmine University’s Investment Group, how BU prepares students for the CFA and CFP exams, a new Bloomberg Terminal at Bellarmine.

Bellarmine on Business Podcast

Episode 8:  Host Jim Ray interviews Dr. Bradley Stevenson, Associate Professor of Finance at the Rubel School of Business and Meagan Makuta, a graduating senior finance major.  We’ll discuss how Bellarmine University’s Investment Group, how BU prepares students for the CFA and CFP exams, a new Bloomberg Terminal at Bellarmine.



Bellarmine Prepares Students for the CFP and CFA Exams

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam is focused on retirement planning, savings and a general personal financial plan.  Dr. Stevenson recommends seeking out a professional with the CFP designation, who is also a financial advisor.  This shows his/her background and commitment to the profession. 

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is made up of 3 separate exams.  Meagan is currently studying for the CFA Level 1 exam.  The CFA is more geared toward financial management and investing.  It’s an internationally-recognized designation.  

In the Rubel School of Business, at Bellarmine, the curriculum provides a solid foundation, in addition to the self-study, to equip students to perform well on these exams.  Bellarmine is actually a CFA-Affiliated Program.  For finance majors, at they complete their courses, they will touch on roughly 70% of the material found on the Level 1 exam.  Our finance degree is a combination of finance, accounting and economics classes, among others. 

Bellarmine’s Getting a Bloomberg Terminal

Meagan discusses her involvement in helping to secure this terrific new tool for the Rubel School of Business.  This computer terminal and the data available is the gold standard for financial information on virtually any type of security.

Tools and resources such as the Bloomberg Terminal will continue to provide cutting-edge technology for students at the Rubel School of Business.

Dr. Stevenson explains that this terminal is significantly different than the other online tools you might be able to find.  The information is much more in-depth.  It’ll provide important experience for students as they apply for jobs upon graduating. 

The Investment Group actually back-tests it’s investment models via this terminal to understand performance modeling of investment securities and strategies.   

Bellarmine Investment Group

Dr. Stevenson is the current faculty advisor for this student group.  Meagan was one of the co-presidents of the group.  It’s her favorite activity at Bellarmine.  This group is given the responsibility of actually managing a small portion of the university’s endowment fund.  They’re working with “real money.”  This is an interesting way for students interested in pursuing the CFA to gain practical insights. 

Bellarmine’s Finance Degree

Dr. Stevenson discusses several aspects of the finance program at Bellarmine.  The University has a long tradition of a very solid accounting program.  One of the differences at Bellarmine is that finance majors do the entire intermediate accounting sequence, as part of their program.  The economics classes of investment theory plus money and banking are also included. Finance is the intersection of accounting and economics.

Employers seem to value the fact that Bellarmine finance majors have a strong accounting background, as well. 

Bellarmine is a liberal arts institution.  This focus provides finance majors with the ability to think critically, remain adaptable and the ability to think and write well.  The university provides a very well-rounded curriculum.



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