Internships in Business

All Bellarmine Business Administration majors are required to complete an internship consisting of at least 90 hours of paid or unpaid work experience within an organization. As an intern, you practice in the real world what you have learned in the classroom. You can do this during the semester or during the summer, at home, at Bellarmine, or while you are studying abroad.

You will enhance your knowledge by integrating and expanding on skills and concepts learned on the job through related assignments and sharing experiences with other students in a classroom setting. You will reflect on your work experiences while sharpening the skills of managing your own career. You will receive three academic credits once you complete the classroom portion of the internship.

Networking opportunities abound during the internship, and in some cases, sponsors offer interns permanent employment. Many students find new career direction during the work experience, while others find that chosen fields are not as desirable as was once considered. In any case, students discuss successes and disappointments in a setting that is supportive and provides direction.

Students who double major will generally complete two internships. Some students, however, may find internships designed to meet the requirements of both majors. Your faculty advisor, the career placement office, and outside professionals can assist you in finding suitable internships.

For detailed program information contact:
Patricia P. Carver, Instructor
Rubel School of Business
Fax: 502.272.8013

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