President's Task Force for Community Engagement

Established in 2019, The President’s Taskforce for Community Engagement is comprised of faculty, staff, and community partners with the goal of institutionalizing community engagement at Bellarmine. Task Force members make a one-semester-at-a-time commitment with tangible projects being completed each semester. Sub-committees include: Reciprocal Partnerships, Faculty Engagement, and Assessment and Tracking. 

Faculty Engagement

  • Keith Richardson, Accounting, Team Lead
  • Gabri Warren, Nursing
  • Anne Bucalos, Academic Affairs
  • Megan Danzl, Physical Therapy
  • Ali Taylor, Special Education
  • Conor Picken, English
  • Liz Byron, Center for Community Engagement 

Reciprocal Partnerships

  • Courtney Keim, Psychology, Team Lead
  • Julia Senn-Reeves, Nursing
  • Jess Metzmeier, Strategic Partnerships
  • Dave Clark, Music
  • Kate Crandall, Physical Therapy
  • Pat Carver, Business Administration
  • Jessica Ivy, Education  
  • James Harwell, Center for Community Engagement
  • Sarah Rohleder, Student Affairs

Assessment and Tracking

  • Tommy Wells, Education, Team Lead
  • Linda Mefford, Nursing
  • Kim Kerns, Academic Enrichment
  • Amy Tudor, Health
  • Hongwei Song, Economics
  • Heather Pruss, Criminal Justice
  • Lauren Coffey, Career Development
  • Cathy Gomez, Center for Community Engagement
  • Michele Abee, Environmental Studies