Student Concern Report

Your Voice Is Important

As a student we want you to be able to easily report a concern, share a comment and make your voice heard.

General Concern Report

The purpose of this form is to keep Bellarmine University informed about student incidents and/or student well-being concerns. In addition, this form may be used to inquire about resources. Upon completion of form, please click 'submit.'

NOTE: The Bellarmine Concern Reports are checked regularly. However, if you need immediate assistance or if you feel yourself or someone else is in danger contact Bellarmine Office of Public Safety at 502.272.7777, the Dean of Students Office 502.272.8150, or 911.

General Student Concerns May Include:

  • Mental health concerns
  • Threatening behavior (toward self or others)
  • Inappropriate behavior that made you/someone else uncomfortable
  • Harassment of you or another student
  • Hate speech directed at you or another person
  • Bias directed toward you, another person, or property based on identity
  • Sexual misconduct or harassment  
  • Family concerns (domestic violence, homelessness, etc.)
  • You or someone you know needs assistance and are unsure where to go


Do you have questions about this form or prefer to talk about the concern in person? Please feel free to reach out to the Dean of Students Office 502.272.8150, visit in person at Centro, Treece Hall, Room 225K.
Leslie Maxie, Dean of Students,