Census Information

Are you living off-campus because of COVID-19 precautions? Should you still fill out the census?
YES, you should still fill out a census! Watch this video for info on how and why students should contribute to the census.

Be sure to check out this site to debunk rumors you may have heard about the census. 

Service Opportunities during COVID-19

Looking for a way to serve your community members who are in vulnerable health conditions or are elderly? If you are in a low-risk population and residing in Louisville, consider signing up for the Louisville COVID-19 match program, which will pair you with a person who may need groceries or other essential items dropped off to them, but cannot safely secure those items. 

If you have questions about civic engagement, please reach out to Madison Martin.

NASPA Lead Initiative

naspaleadintiativeBellarmine is a proud member of the NASPA Lead Initiative on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement. NASPA Lead comprises a network of NASPA member colleges and universities committed to encouraging and highlighting the work of student affairs in making civic learning and democratic engagement a part of every student’s college education.

The Lead Initiative offers unique professional development opportunities, targeted resources, networking, and recognition for its Lead Institutions.

Civic Action Coalition

The Student Activities Center is forming a Civic Action Coalition in response to Bellarmine's participation in the NASPA Lead Initiative and Voter Friendly Campus designation. The charge of this group will be to compile a list of all civic engagement efforts across campus, decide on the educational or engagements gaps, and begin to implement a cross campus initiative. Faculty, staff, and students who would like to get more involved should email Brooke Wilson, Director of Student Activities at

Constitution Day

Bree Newsome with students, Mayor Greg Fisher and President Donovan

Through a partnership with Academic Affairs, we celebrate the rights and liberties of citizenship by highlighting individuals who exemplify the defense of those constitutional rights. Though all American universities that receive federal funding are required to commemorate Constitution Day, Bellarmine invests much attention in this day. In the past, we have invited activist Bree Newsome to campus and held panel discussions regarding voting rights.

Voter Friendly Campus Designation

  • Students holding sign announcing deadline to register to voteHigher education’s focus on civic engagement not only helps students to better understand their impact on those around them, it creates better students. Encouraging and assisting your students to vote will establish participatory habits that will last well beyond their collegiate experience. Incorporating democratic engagement into campus life creates structure and stability for students as they explore what their political beliefs are, and how they would like to engage in the democratic process.
  • The Higher Education Act of 1965 requires institutions to distribute voter registration forms to their students. However, beyond that, instructions and guidance are vague. The Campus Vote Project and Young Invincibles have created a more measurable (and manageable) set of guidelines for schools to follow to create a more voter-friendly campus.
  • NASPA is proud to partner with the Campus Vote Project to offer this opportunity to institutions interested in engaging students, faculty, administration, and community partners in the democratic process.