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COVID-19 Announcement (updated 3/13/20)

Beginning March 12, Bellarmine courses are suspended and will resume online or electronically on March 18. The Student Success Center is committed to continuing our academic support services, academic advising and mentorship throughout this period.

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Academic Coaching will continue to support students through electronic channels. Academic Peer Coaches will continue weekly emails and one-on-one support of first-year students through FaceTime, email or Teams. Student Success Coaches will be available to support any students struggling with the transition to online platforms. All coaches will continue scheduled academic recovery meetings via Teams, phone or FaceTime based on student comfort level. If you have questions or concerns regarding Academic Coaching, please contact Elizabeth Cassady at

The Student Success Center provides a variety of programs and services for all Bellarmine students. Most of our centers, programs, and services are located on B-Level of Brown Library and are free to students. Our team is committed to supporting each student’s success and we hope to see you soon!