BU 100: First-Year Focus

First-Year Focus is a one credit hour course that will provide all traditional aged first-year students the chance to make their transition to college as intentional as possible. Through reading, writing, discussion, and out-of-class activities, Bellarmine hopes to direct and support its first-year students to be successful in college. Focus instructors will be the academic advisor for the students in their course during the Fall semester. Class topics include but are not limited to: learning strategies, career development, diversity and inclusion, book in common, and advising and registration.

Student Learning Outcomes for First-Year Focus
Students will:

  1. Implement effective learning strategies
  2. Develop positive relationships with peers, faculty, and staff
  3. Identify appropriate campus resources
  4. Understand that they are part of a community that values critical inquiry and social justice
  5. Initiate academic and career plans