Student Success Leadership Board

Student Success Leadership Board outside of Centro

The Student Success Leadership Board (SSLB) is a team of 6 student representatives who work in the Student Success Center (SSC). Each student represents one or more of the student-led programs and services in the SSC.

The following student-staff positions are represented on SSLB:

  • Student Success Assistants
  • Tutors
  • Writing Center Consultants
  • Pioneer Scholars Peer Mentors
  • Learning Community Chairs/Peer Mentors

Mission Statement

The Student Success Leadership Board is committed to providing student-staff development opportunities to enhance their programs and services in the Student Success Center, connect students to campus resources, create a supportive learning environment, and advocate for their peers to university leadership.

Vision Statement

The Student Success Leadership Board provides opportunities for academic, professional, and social growth for Student Success Center student-staff to value interpersonal networks for their ability to support student success, demonstrate inclusive leadership, and implement effective pedagogical practices.

Anne Torgerson

Year: Senior
Major(s)/Minors(s): Exercise Science, Psychology
Student Staff Position: Student Success Assistant
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Campus Involvement: Student Success Center, Student Success Leadership Board

What do you like most about working in the SSC?
All the great people I work with and the friendships I have made with the other student-staff. I love interacting with new students and being part of their success here at Bellarmine!

What do you like most about being on SSLB?
I like being able to give a student perspective and approach to success and growth. I am happy to be part of such a hardworking team!

Future Goals/Aspirations: Organizational and Industrial Psychologist, Personal Trainer

Fun Fact/ Hobbies: I love to workout and do CrossFit every day of the week. I have an obsession with huskies, chicken nuggets, glitter, and iced coffee.

Brittany Ballard

Year: Senior
Major(s)/Minors(s): Respiratory Therapy
Student Staff Position: Pioneer Scholars Mentor
Hometown: Mt. Washington, Kentucky
Campus Involvement: Pioneer Scholars, Student Success Leadership Board

What do you like most about working in the SSC?
I like knowing that I’m able to make a difference in students’ lives by being able to connect with them and share my own experiences. I love being able to meet and work with other students and share some of my personal struggles, which I was able to have overcome, in hopes that they may be able to relate to and learn something from me.

What do you like most about being on SSLB?
I love being able to meet with the other student representatives of the SSC each week, as well as continue to grow the friendships I have with each one of them! I love how we are able to all come together in order to put on various events that the student-staff will be able to benefit from.

Future Goals/Aspirations: Graduate with my Bachelors in Health Science, become a licensed Registered Respiratory Therapist, possibly receive my Masters, and eventually become a member of Norton Children’s Hospital’s Air Transport Team

Fun Fact/ Hobbies: I love anything and everything outdoors related (fishing, hiking, four-wheeling, etc.), eating, sleeping, working out, tailgating at football games, photography, swimming, and spending time with my friends and family

Emmanuel Fasipe

Year: Sophomore
Major(s)/Minors(s): English, Communication
Student Staff Position: Writing Center Consultant
Hometown: Oyo State, Nigeria
Campus Involvement: BU Radio, Writing Center, Brown Learning Community

What do you like most about working in the SSC?
I enjoy the creativity and enthusiasm of writers and how self-expression is revealed in their writing. I like how the technicalities of writing and the skills learned in the classroom come to life and become practical as writers explore their works and approaches to embellishing their art and skills.

What do you like most about being on SSLB?
I like brainstorming new and creative ideas on how to make educational communities vibrant and inspiring.

Future Goals/Aspirations: Published Author, Poet, Professor

Fun Fact/ Hobbies: Writer/Poet/Jazz enthusiast

Nigel Ouslan

Year: Junior
Major(s)/Minors(s): Exercise Science
Student Staff Position: Galileo Learning Community Peer Mentor, Pioneer Scholars Peer Mentor
Hometown: Radcliff, Kentucky
Other Campus Involvement: Bellarmine Orientation Team, Alpha Delta Gamma Fraternity

What do you like most about working in the SSC?
Being able to offer help to the students who were in the same place that I was freshman year.

What do you like most about being on SSLB?
Creating a sense of community between the different sections of the Student Success Center, and seeing our work make a difference in the Bellarmine community.

Future Goals/Aspirations: A physical therapist

Fun Fact/ Hobbies: Sports and being outdoors

Shannon Wilson

Year: Junior
Major(s)/Minors(s): Psychology
Student Staff Position: Tutor and Student Program Coordinator in the Tutoring Center
Hometown: Northern Kentucky
Other Campus Involvement: Relay for Life Co-Chair

What do you like most about working in the SSC?
Working in the SSC allows me to grow both as a student and employee. I love being a part of such a welcoming group of people who are all invested in helping students reach their full potential.

What do you like most about being on SSLB?
Collaborating with other student representatives in all areas of the SSC has allowed me to grow as a tutor and be more aware of the importance of not only academic, but social and peer support for students.

Future Goals/Aspirations: school psychology/ counseling, child life specialty

Fun Fact/ Hobbies: I'm accidentally knitting an 11 foot blanket

Tonya Summerlin

Year: Senior
Major(s)/Minors(s): Environmental Science
Student Staff Position: Rachel Carson Learning Community Chair
Hometown: Avon, Indiana
Other Campus Involvement: Bellarmine Food Recovery Network (Director), Student Government Association: Recreation, Intramurals, & Athletics Committee, Sustainability and Environmental Club: Campus Tree Coordinator, & Freshman Orientation Team

What do you like most about working in the SSC?
I love being able to work with first year students to get them interested in things they like and help them succeed in as many aspects as possible while they're at BU.

What do you like most about being on SSLB?
I love the easy collaboration with everyone throughout the SSC, and across campus, and that we are here with the sole purpose of bettering people’s experience at Bellarmine.

Future Goals/Aspirations: I want to go to graduate school and help save the planet.

Fun Fact/ Hobbies: I like to travel, run, eat veggies, watch college basketball, hike, and drink iced coffee.