Access code: Bellarmine18S

At the Bellarmine Phonathon, students call alumni and parents to raise money for the university’s greatest needs while balancing full course schedules. If you’re an alumnus/na, parent, or friend of Bellarmine, we look forward to speaking with you. If you’re a student, we hope you’ll consider joining our team.

What is Phonathon?

The Phonathon is a critical component of Bellarmine's success. Phonathon is an annual program under the direction of the Development and Alumni Relations Office. We hire approximately 40 students and train them to call alumni, parents and friends of the university in order to update address and employment data, build relationships and raise money for Bellarmine. Alumni and friends have been supporting Bellarmine since the first class took place on campus. Without such support, Bellarmine wouldn't be able to offer new technology, student support, and the many other features that make it a great university.

Why do students work for Phonathon?

They care about Bellarmine and realize how important the Phonathon Program is to maintaining the strength of the university. The money raised during Phonathon is spent on programs important to students – scholarships, faculty/staff grants and special campus projects - in addition to basic operations. Working at the Phonathon gives students the opportunity to enhance vital interpersonal communication skills while also allowing students to make a difference and earn spending money. Talking with alumni, they can learn about our school’s past and maybe even network their way into an internship or job after graduation.

About the Job

There's never a dull moment at Phonathon! Year after year, students return to the Phonathon not only because they earn good money, but also because they truly enjoy working with other students. The communication skills they develop also make them more marketable to prospective employers.

Join our team and enjoy flexible scheduling, three-hour shifts, time off for holidays, and a comfortable work environment. Each team member must choose at least three calling sessions weekly for his or her work schedule, and can work more than three sessions.

Phonathon Dates and Deadlines

Apply for Spring 2018 Phonathon by January 17 at and the Access Code Bellarmine18S.

Great way to earn money and fantastic experience!

For questions, please email Margaret at: