Our Initiatives

On-going Programs and Initiatives

De-Stress Stations

The De-Stress Station is a self-care tool kit created to assist in the management of daily stressors. Our goal is to promote stress relief and well-being across campus.

#WhyIWellness Campaign

#whyIwellness is here to get you refocused on yourself and help you check in on all the different dimensions of your wellness. Each month we will focus on a different part of wellness. To participate, visit the www.tinyurl.com/whyiwellness to share a bit about why YOU wellness. Participants will receive free #whyIwellness swag.

Ask the RD: Nutrition Coaching

There is a lot of conflicting nutrition information out there. Come to the expert in food and nutrition. Our Campus Dietitian, Emily Tuggle, is a registered dietitian that would like to help you reach your individualized nutrition goals. She is committed to improving the health of our community.

The goal of nutrition coaching is to:

  • assess your individual nutrition needs
  • provide education including practical tips to meet your nutrition needs
  • to promote your body's potential towards health, wellness and disease prevention

Presentation Topics

The following is a list of topics that can be presented by Campus Wellness:

About Campus Wellness

Discover how your academic success is connected to your health and wellness. The Mind, Body, and Spirit wellness model will be covered along with campus resources, ways to get involved with Campus Wellness, and how to enhance your overall well-being. This workshop provided by Campus Recreation and Wellness.

AOD Bingo

This program is an interactive bingo-format presentation that covers general information around alcohol and other drugs. This workshop provided by Campus Recreation and Wellness.

BU Be Fit: Fit for Life

Learn about Campus Recreation services including intramurals, club sports, personal training, and the SuRF. Program discusses how to start becoming physically active, myths about physical activity, how to create a basic exercise program, and more! This workshop provided by Campus Recreation and Wellness.

BraveBU Bystander Empowerment Training

This training covers definitions and skills needed to be an active and empowered bystander on campus. Presented in connection with BraveBU.

Building Resilience

Discussion of factors that contribute to resilience, including social connection, values/goals, mindset, self-care and stress management. This workshop is provided by the Counseling Center.

Eat Well, Be Well

Participants will be aware of various food groups and understand the MyPlate recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Participants will be able to identify proper portion sizes and heart-healthy foods. This workshop provided by Campus Recreation and Wellness.

Escalation Workshop

Escalation is a powerful, emotionally-engaging 90-minute film based workshop that educates the campus community about relationship violence and empowers students to work for change. Research based. Facilitated by students. Workshop developed by the One Love Foundation.

Evolution of the American Diet

Program discusses various topics related to food including: Why do we eat what we eat? How the history of our country, advertising and status influences our food choices? The program is approximately 45 minutes and geared towards any audience. Presented by Health Services.

First Year Wellness Mistakes

The biggest mistakes college freshmen make is regards to their health and wellness; includes brief coverage of diet, exercise, sleep and stress. This program is specific for first year students. Presented by Health Services.

Helping a Distressed Student

How to recognize signs of emotional distress and strategies for supporting the student and making a referral to the Counseling Center. This workshop is provided by the Counseling Center.

LGBTQ Allies Training

Review of key concepts regarding sexual orientation and gender identity; and strategies for creating an affirming, inclusive environment for the LGBTQ community. This workshop is presented by the Counseling Center in conjunction with the Office of Identity and Inclusion and the Assistant Vice-President for Student Affairs.

Managing Test Anxiety

This program provides an overview of what causes test anxiety and strategies for reducing it. This workshop is provided by the Counseling Center.

Sleep Health – It’s Time to Play the Feud!

Learn about the importance of sleep while not falling asleep during this dynamic program (set up like the game show Family Feud) all about sleep health. The top answers about sleep and sleep health are on the board! As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to identify why sleep is important and list barriers that prevent them from quality sleep as college students. Participants will be able to list the health risks associated with sleep deprivation and brainstorm methods to increase quality sleep in their lives. This workshop provided by Campus Recreation and Wellness.

Stress Management

This program focuses on stress management by discussing an overview of factors that contribute to stress and techniques for reducing stress. This workshop is provided by the Counseling Center.

Don’t see what you are looking for on our list or have an idea? We are willing to meet and customize a program just for you! Reach out to us by visiting our Wellness Request Form.