Current Wellness Educators

Senior Peer Wellness Educators

Abby Nelson

Abby Nelson

Major: Art, Photography Concentration
Hometown: Georgetown, KY

Hi! I'm Abby and I'll be a senior graduating in 2024. I'm studying all things photography and digital media and I love it! 

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
I'm super passionate about all things mental health, as it's been a personal struggle for me. When I found out about the position, I immediately applied and I'm so glad I got it. When I'm working, it doesn't feel like work. I love being able to help plan and implement tables and events promoting wellness and helping the Bellarmine community. 

Favorite Wellness Topic: Mental/emotional health 

Future Goals and Aspirations: Wonderful question. A job I like haha (take some pics, advocate for mental health, who knows?) 

Fun Fact: I have a tattoo of ducks on my arm! They're referenced from a picture I took while studying abroad in London. 

Haley Thayer


Major: Environmental Science B.S. with a Minor in Biology
Hometown: Madison, IN

Hey friends! I'm Haley and this will be my 4th year being a peer wellness educator! I'm so excited for what's to come and all the fun things we have planned for ya’ll! My favorite wellness topics would have to be self-care & mental health, but I love them all. I'm involved in a lot of clubs and other organizations, but my favorites would probably be the farm team, the zoo, and Raptor Rehab of Kentucky. I also love plants, traveling, anything my grandma cooks, and art.

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
I really enjoy making great connections with my peers about wellness topics. I enjoy helping people live their best lives physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. 

Favorite Wellness Topic: All of them!

Future Goals and Aspirations: I want to be an environmental scientist/researcher with a focus on endangered species to help save our planet's biodiversity/wildlife

Fun Fact: I work at a Birds of Prey (Raptor) Rehabilitation center and get to take care and educate people about hawks, owls, vultures, kestrels, eagles, etc.  

Taylor Cops

Taylor Cops

Major: Psychology & Neuroscience
Hometown: Beavercreek, OH

Hi! My name is Taylor and I'm currently a senior at Bellarmine. I'm double majoring in neuroscience and psychology and I'm hoping to attend graduate school and become a neuropsychologist in the future. In my free time I love spending time with my friends and finding ways to be active on campus. This will also be my second year as a Peer Wellness Educator and I'm so excited to be back!

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
I've always been passionate about mental health & wellness so I chose to become a Peer Wellness Educator to help other students on campus find ways to manage their mental health so they can fully enjoy their time at Bellarmine!  

Favorite Wellness Topic: Mental health & stress management/relief  

Future Goals and Aspirations: Going to grad school and hopefully pursuing a career in clinical neuropsychology 

Fun Fact: I have 3 German Shepherd dogs at home 

Grace Mack

Grace Mack

Major: Clinical Psychology and Sociology
Hometown: Batesville, Indiana 

Hi! My name is Grace Mack, and I am a senior Clinical Psychology and Sociology double major at Bellarmine University. I run cross country and track for Bellarmine and serve as the Vice President of Recreation, Intramurals, and Athletics on Student Government. I also serve as the President of Active Minds and a Peer Wellness Educator. I love dancing (specifically Taylor Swift) as well as traveling, camping, and horseback riding.  

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
I became a Peer Wellness Educator because I love meeting and interacting with new people, and I am passionate about aiding my peers in their pursuit of physical and mental health. Being a peer wellness educator allows me to connect with the people around me on a deeper level, which I very much appreciate and value.  

Favorite Wellness Topic: Anything mental health related, the impact of exercise and sport on physical and mental wellbeing, and sleep

Future Goals and Aspirations: Following undergrad, I plan to attend graduate school to earn my doctorate and become a child psychologist with a specialization in trauma.

Fun Fact: I can write in backwards cursive.  

Kate Weafer

Kate Weafer

Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Owensboro, KY 

My name is Kate Weafer, and I am a senior. I am majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Biochemistry. This will be my first year in this position, and I am super excited! 

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
I wanted to become a Peer Wellness Educator to advocate for good mental health practices. Further, I want to help educate the student body about the various resources available, while also being able to provide a support system.  

Favorite Wellness Topic: Stress Management 

Future Goals and Aspirations: I plan to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically serving under-resourced communities.  

Fun Fact: I think orange juice is better than apple juice. 

Junior Peer Wellness Educators

Olivia Camara

Olivia Camara

Major: Medical Laboratory Science
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana 

Hi guys! My name is Olivia Camara. I am a Junior Medical Laboratory Science major with a minor in Public Health. This will be my third year working as a Peer Wellness Educator!

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
I chose to become a Wellness Educator to become more involved in campus life and to connect with students and faculty. College can be stressful at times, but campus wellness activities helped me find a way to relax! I hope to provide the same for others!   

Favorite Wellness Topic: How to handle stress! 

Future Goals and Aspirations: Get a doctorate in Epidemiology and be a director of a healthcare company!  

Fun Fact: I hate birds.  

Starr Amar

Starr Amar

Major: Finance
Hometown: Louisville, KY

Hello, my name is Starr Amar, and I am a junior majoring in Finance. 

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
I became a Wellness Educator to become more involved in campus life since I am a commuter. 

Favorite Wellness Topic: My favorite/ the topic I find most interesting concerning health and wellness is nutrition and mindfulness. 

Future Goals and Aspirations: My future goal is to be working in a financial field that will allow me to help improve the community's financial literacy. 

Fun Fact: My favorite Marvel Movie(s) that I can watch over and over and never get tired of is Guardian of the Galaxy movies. 

Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell

Major: Chemistry and Music  
Hometown: Mount Washington, KY 

My name is Ashley Campbell, and I am a Chemistry and Music double major! I love chemistry and understanding things on a much smaller level. I also love music, I play the clarinet, flute, and saxophone and mostly play classical music or jazz. I am involved in Campus Wellness, Pioneer Scholars, Peer Coaching, Chemistry Club, Bellarmine Radio, Bellarmine Music Ambassadors, and work as a Chemistry Stockroom assistant. You can usually see me all over campus! I love to meet new people so please say hi!  

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
I chose to become a Peer Wellness Educator because of the past Peer Wellness Educators! They were all very nice and helped me through some hard times, and I want to give back that same love that I got.  

Favorite Wellness Topic: Depression/Seasonal Depression.   

Future Goals and Aspirations: My future goal is to become a toxicologist and help communities have access to clean drinking water, sustainable food/resources, and clean air. Many communities here in Louisville and nationwide don't have these resources, and I want to help make a difference.  

Fun Fact: I am a first-generation college student  

Sophomore Peer Wellness Educators

Sarah Recktenwald

Sarah Recktenwald

Major: Elementary Education and Learning and Behavioral Disorders 
Hometown: Louisville, KY 

Hey! My name is Sarah Recktenwald, and this is my 2nd year as a Peer Wellness Educator. I’m a part of the WOW team, KnightU Orientation, Ambassadors, and I’m the PR/Fundraising chair of Alternative Spring Break. Outside of school, I enjoy watching basketball, painting, and playing piano. 

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
When I was applying for work-study, I knew that I wanted a job that had much interaction with other people. Campus Wellness was the perfect opportunity to help others through events and activities welcoming to all people.  

Favorite Wellness Topic: The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Future Goals and Aspirations: I hope that one day I can be either a general classroom teacher or a learning consultant for students with disabilities. Also, I would love to illustrate a children’s book.

Fun Fact: I can complete a sudoku puzzle in less than a minute.

Amy Caldwell 

Amy Caldwell

Major: DAT Communications 
Hometown: I am originally from Garrard County, in the middle of nowhere, west of Lexington. I moved to Louisville just before attending Atherton High School.

Hi, I’m Amy Caldwell. I enjoy crystals, making jewelry, and baking. I work part time/ full time at Bounce N’ Round Inflatables. There, I am a hostess of birthday parties and I also help with delivering inflatables to various locations. 

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
I became a Peer Wellness Educator because I respect and understand the importance of wellness that Bellarmine Wellness is here to offer. I enjoy being able to help fellow Bellarmine students in activities that help to ease the struggles of college. 

Favorite Wellness Topic: My favorite wellness topic would be anything that involves relaxing activities, such as essential oils or sensory toys. 

Future Goals and Aspirations: Eventually, I wish to become a film director and/or a film editor. With such a job, I hope to influence the world for the better and work toward a more fulfilling environmental wellness for the Earth using the films I make as a platform for advocacy. 

Fun Fact: I occasionally take out my false teeth to see people’s funny reactions. 

Jessica Heberlein

Jessica Heberlein

Major: Biology/Pre-Dental 
Hometown: Birmingham, AL 

Hi, my name is Jessica Heberlein, and I am from Birmingham, AL. I am majoring in Biology on the Pre-Dental track, and I hope to become an orthodontist. I am on the Bellarmine Cheer Team, and I have cheered for 13 years. I have always been an advocate for mental health and hope to educate others on different mental health topics at Bellarmine.  

Why did you become a Peer Wellness Educator? 
I became a Peer Wellness Educator because I have experienced different kinds of mental health issues. I want to educate others on the seriousness of mental health topics and help students be able to manage it during their time at Bellarmine.  

Favorite Wellness Topic: Mental health and Sleep habits 

Future Goals and Aspirations: My goal is to get into dental school so I can go on and become an orthodontist at my own practice. 

Fun Fact: I have danced for 15 years.