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TEDx Bellarmine Core Team

Current TEDx Core Members

Dr. Shawn ApostelDr. Shawn Apostel, Faculty Adviser, Associate Professor of Communication

Dr. Shawn Apostel is an Associate Professor of Communication at Bellarmine University where he teaches multimedia communication, data visualization, digital portfolio, and technical communication. His research interests include teaching with technology, digital ethos, e-waste reduction, learning space design, technical and visual communication. His work is published by IGI Global, CCDigital Press, Lexington Books, New Forums Press, Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, and Computers and Composition Online. He co-edited Online Credibility and Digital Ethos: Evaluating Computer-Mediated Communication and co-authored Teaching Creative Thinking: A New Pedagogy for the 21st Century. His latest project, a co-edited collection entitled Establishing and Evaluating Digital Ethos and Online Credibility was published by IGI Global.

Contact information: • @apostels • website

Crystal BhagwandinCrystal Bhagwandin, Senior, Health Services / Communication, minor in business

Pronounced BAg- wahn - din. From Brooklyn.

I am passionate about making a difference in day-to-day health for individuals, so I am currently an intern for SentryHealth–an onsite employee health services firm.

My one ambition is to have a golden retriever named Raspberry.

Contact me at or

 John KlaphekeJohn Klapheke, Freshman, DAT / Communication, minor in photography

Also known by people as "Lego John," I enjoy many creative hobbies such as photography, digital design, and of course, Lego building! I am also an outdoor fan and like to document traveling, go for a swim, and even go on the occasional skiing trip.

Contact me at or on my website

Angela Miller, Adjunct Theatre Faculty Angela Miller

Angela worked at Bellarmine since 2009 and has had the good fortune of serving as both faculty and staff over the years. She holds three masters degrees spanning from Digital Media to Theatrical Directing. She is humbled and honored to be welcomed into this amazing group of students who are coordinating Bellarmine’s inaugural TEDx conference event. Contact Information:

Grayson Rohrig, Junior, Communication

Grayson RohrigI am heavily interested in radio, podcasting, and event planning in my professional life, but that's not important. In my personal life I like climbing, stand-up comedy, traveling, and camping.

Contact me at or by smoke signal on the third Tuesday of every month.

 Gillian UrbaniakGillian Urbaniak, Senior, Pre-law

From Chicago, my passion is educating youth on activism and the importance of acceptance; as well as, helping those who feel left behind through the combination of communication, politics, and law. I am a legal intern for the American Civil Liberties Union, and I'm a big fan of The Tudors on Netflix, coffee and petting dogs.

Contact me at

Graduated TEDx Core Members

Quincy Nelson (2015-2016): TED X Team - Founder. Graduate of Bellarmine University but always a student, my interest include Art and Culture and various forms of social media and technology. I travel, work and pretty much like to do anything that puts me around amazing people. Just like the site you're viewing right now. Contact me at or by phone 502.235.3338.

Jacob Schuhmann (2016-2017): Before graduation, I worked to to build a TEDx team that I thought would be best for building a great TEDx conference. Contact me by email at or phone at 812.557.5096.