Interactive Data Book

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness produces a variety of statistical and analytical reports on an annual, semester-by-semester, and ad hoc basis. These reports serve a vital function in Bellarmine University's compliance with federal and state data-sharing mandates, as well as supporting important campus initiatives such as strategic planning, academic program evaluation, accreditation, and assessment. These activities fall under the larger banner of continuous improvement and are central to the University's overarching institutional effectiveness strategy.

Bellarmine historical data books

Long before the Office of IR&E came into existence, the division of Administration & Finance published a comprehensive volume of statistical reports in its annual Data Book. From 1986 until the early 2000s, this series provided the campus community with a valuable resource of data on Bellarmine's organization, finances, student and employee population demographics, and outcomes.

Drawing inspiration from this legacy of transparency, and in honor of Bellarmine's ongoing efforts toward Tradition and Transformation, the Office of IR&E is pleased to unveil a revitalized Interactive Data Book. Using the navigation to the right, community members are encouraged to explore and expand their knowledge of Bellarmine's vibrant place in the higher education landscape. This portal is meant to supplement IR&E's existing repository of Data & Reports and will eventually grow to include dozens of additional views, visualizations, and analyses.

We welcome input and feedback on this project, as our goal is to incorporate ideas from the community and develop a robust set of co-curated reports. If you have ideas or suggestions for improvement, please contact the IR&E team directly.