2018-2019 Faculty Awards

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to share with you the names of your colleagues who have been recognized through various evaluative protocols for excellence in their work.

The following individuals have been named Emeritus faculty:

  • Dr. Robert Cooter
  • Dr. John Gatton
  • Professor Barbara Lee
  • Dr. Joan Masters
  • Dr. Mary Pike
  • Dr. Fred Rhodes

It is impossible to overstate the individual and collective accomplishments of these faculty members and the ways in which Bellarmine and their respective schools/colleges have benefited from their many contributions.

Dr. Mary Huff (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and Dr. Evanthia Speliotis (Philosophy) have been promoted to the rank of professor, effective in the 2018-2019 academic year. As Chapter 7 makes clear, the awarding of the rank of Professor marks exceptional accomplishments in teaching, scholarship, and service, and our community is richer for their decades of excellence.

The following individuals have been awarded tenure and promoted to the rank of associate professor, effective as of 2018-2019:

  • Dr. Fedja Buric (History)
  • Dr. Megan Danzl (Physical Therapy)
  • Dr. Joseph Flipper (Theology)
  • Professor Alisha Harper (Accounting)
  • Dr. Barbara Jackson (Nursing)
  • Dr. Kate Johnson (Philosophy)
  • Dr. Courtney Keim (Psychology)
  • Dr. Justin Klassen (Theology)
  • Dr. Sara Mahoney (Exercise Science)
  • Dr. Martha Mazur (Environmental Science)
  • Dr. Carol Smith (Nursing)

The Rank and Tenure progress is a rigorous one, with peers heavily engaged in the process of ensuring that applicants have met the demanding standards set forth by faculty in Chapter 7 regarding teaching, scholarship, and service. I’m sure you join me in congratulating this milestone in the careers of your colleagues.

Dr. Michael Strawser (Communication) is the 2018-2019 recipient of the Joseph and Maureen McGowan Prize for Faculty Development. I attended the presentation by Dr. Elaine Lonnemann last fall regarding her work at Harris-Manchester College, and I’m sure Dr. Strawser will have a wonderful experience as well.

Sabbaticals have been awarded to:

  • Professor Richard Burchard (Music)
  • Dr. Kristin Cook (Education)
  • Dr. Sherill Cronin (Nursing)
  • Dr. William Fenton (Mathematics)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty (Theology)
  • Dr. Myra McCrickard (Economics)
  • Dr. Moira O’Keeffe (Communication)
  • Dr. Debbie Prince (Theology)
  • Dr. Lee Remington (Political Science)

I am pleased to fund these faculty members’ proposals, having read them carefully. My hope is that the sabbaticals will provide a significant opportunity for each of these faculty members to engage in substantive research that otherwise might not have been possible.

Faculty Development Fellowships have been awarded to:

  • Dr. Anna Christianson (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Martha Mazur (Environmental Studies)
  • Dr. Dave Robinson (Biology)
  • Dr. Eric Roorda (History)
  • Dr. Zach Ross (Theatre)

These awards allow faculty to pursue funding to assist with both research and teaching, and I was struck by the varied and impressive topics to be funded next year.

International Travel Faculty Grants for 2017-2018 were awarded to:

  • Dr. Jon Blandford (English) — BELIZE
  • Dr. Roberta Challener (Biology) — BELIZE
  • Dr. Bill Donovan (History) — BELIZE
  • Dr. Chelsey Franz (Athletic Training) — DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
  • Dr. Tim Glasscock (Music) — SPAIN
  • Dr. Dawn Hall-Bibbs (DPT) — DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
  • Dr. Carrie Hawkins (Physical Therapy) — BELIZE
  • Dr. Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty (Theology) — ITALY
  • Professor Pat McEachron (Nursing) — DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
  • Dr. David Porta (Biology) — BELIZE
  • Dr. Amy Tudor (English) — HONDURAS
  • Dr. Steven Wilt — BELIZE

Internationalization remains a priority for our community, not simply because it was Bellarmine’s first QEP topic but because it is so integral to a strong liberal arts education and our desire to have students learn more about the larger world in which they live. I appreciate these faculty members engagement in international trips that provide such transformative experiences for our students.

Because Bellarmine is an institution committed to excellence, it is gratifying to share with the community at large such good news, accomplishments that speak to faculty engagement and their quest to strengthen their teaching, their contributions to academic disciplines, and their service interwoven in so many of these initiatives. I am sure you join me in congratulating these accomplishments, and I also want to encourage you to apply for 2019-2020 awards.

All of these awards will be noted in the Program for the April 5 President’s Celebration of Faculty Achievement, in Lansing Commons from 2:45-4:30. I hope you can join us for this special event.

Susan M. Donovan, Ph.D