President's Update — February 15, 2019

Dear Bellarmine Students, Faculty and Staff,

For basketball fans—and you know I am one!—this is an exciting week with Homecoming activities.   There’s the Homecoming dance on Friday, and of course the big games at 1 and 3:15 p.m. on Saturday. We’ll have lots of alumni on campus this weekend as well, so be sure to make them feel at home.  The annual alumni awards dinner will be on Friday night, and we will have a new “Donor College” on Saturday for members of the 1950 Society.

Click here to find a complete list of student Homecoming activities. Go Knights!

Dr. Joseph Flipper wins Fulbright award

Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Flipper, associate professor of Theology, whose Fulbright award will support a research trip to Chile in the spring 2020 semester.

In Chile, Dr. Flipper will work on a research project that examines social Catholicism in Chile prior to the dictatorship; teach an undergraduate course on religion and U.S. politics at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Santiago; work with scholars at that university's Center for Studies on Religion and the faculty for history, geography and political science; and explore the archives of Saint Alberto Hurtado, a 20th century Jesuit priest, attorney, writer and social worker. Dr. Flipper's Fulbright research will also feature in a book he’s writing, The Theological Worlds of Twentieth-Century Catholicism, which will include a chapter on Catholicism in Chile.

The prestigious Fulbright Program, founded in 1946, offers teaching and research awards in more than 125 countries. Dr. Flipper is the 10th Bellarmine faculty member to receive a Fulbright award in recent years. His trip is pending visa approval.

Dr. Flipper, who lived in Mexico for two years, says he'll be working on re-learning his admittedly rusty Spanish over the next year. He will be accompanied to Chile by his wife, who has previously lived in Panamá, and children. They plan to spend the weekends exploring Santiago and attending as many Chilean soccer games as they can.

Faculty News and Achievements

Bellarmine College of Arts and Sciences

Ms. Kathi E. B. Ellis, adjunct faculty in Theatre, published an article for in December profiling Louisville Ballet’s first female resident choreographer, Andrea Schermoly.

Dr. Joshua Golding, chair and professor of Philosophy, wrote a book: The Jewish Spiritual Path: The Way of the Name (Urim Publications, 2019).

Dr. Hoon Choi, assistant professor of Theology, published a peer-reviewed journal article entitled “Encouraging Male Participation in the Life of the Church" in New Theology Review.

Dr. Jennifer Barker, chair and associate professor of English, lectured on “Avant-garde Animation” for the Harvard Film Archive Film Series’ “Mapping Gray Zones: The Inexact Beauty of Early West German Cinema” at Harvard University in November. She also lectured on the films Die Mörder sind unter uns and Kirmes for the Staudte Retrospective at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in November. She gave a master class in June at the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Finland, called “Delicious Catastrophes,” and presented an animation program, “Japanese Animation before Anime,” at the Tabor Film Festival in Croatia in July, where she also served on the international film jury. Dr. Barker published film reviews onRoma, Vox Lux, Manta Ray, Non-Fiction, and Driven for Cinema Scope Online in September. She was invited to expand her film review of Manta Ray for Cinema Scope77, and it was published in January 2019.

Dr. Mark Kano, assistant professor of Music, delivered a paper presentation, “Songs for Lyric Tenor: An Analysis of Five Francesco Paolo Tosti Songs,” at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities in January. Additionally, Dr. Kano was invited to serve as an Artist-in-Residence at West Virginia University's School of Music. He will deliver a lecture on opera during the preview discussion on opening night of Kentucky Opera’s production of Verdi's Rigoletto.

College of Health Professions

Dr. Thomas Wójcicki, assistant professor of Exercise Science, and his Exercise Science 415 students—Alma Cordic, Ryan Cornett, Claire Egler, Brianna Morris, Emily Rosener and Giovanna Urizar—completed a Bardstown Road pedestrian safety study. Bardstown Crossing is a map resource that allows users to see intersections on Bardstown Road from Baxter Avenue to Eastern Parkway that are graded based on factors such as presence of crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and lighting. Dr. Wójcicki attended a racial equity training session at the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness on Feb. 5.

Dr. Beth Ennis, associate professor and chair of Physical Therapy, Dr. Megan Danzl, associate professor and assistant chair of Physical Therapy, and DPT students published “Aquatic Intervention for Core Strength, Balance, Gait Speed, and Quality of Life in Children with Neurological Conditions: A Case Series” in the Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy (2018), Vol. 26, Issue 3.

Dr. Ta’Neka Lindsay, assistant professor of Nursing, was nominated and appointed to the Board of Trustees for the Lincoln Foundation, as well as the President’s Advisory Board on Equity and Inclusion.

Dr. Carrie Hawkins, assistant professor of Physical Therapy, led an international service trip to Belize in January with 10 DPT students and two DPT Program alumni who are part-time faculty in Physical Therapy, Dr. Shelby Schroeder ’16 and Dr. Hanna McCabe ’17.  The group provided physical therapy services working with international community partners including the Inspiration Center, the Mercy Clinic and LIFE Elder Care.

Ms. Julia Senn-Reeves, instructor of Nursing, represents Bellarmine Campus Ministries on the Board of Highlands Community Ministries (HCM) and was elected president of the organization. HCM is an interfaith, non-profit organization uniting the efforts and energies of 21 congregations to support and empower our Highlands neighbors in need.

The following presentations were made at the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting, Jan. 23-26 in Washington, D.C.:

Dr. Megan Danzl, Dr. Elizabeth Ulanowski, assistant professor of Physical Therapy, and Victoria Loving, PT alumna: “A ‘Reflection-on-Specific Action’ Approach to Developing an Exercise Program for a Person with Severe Cognitive Deficits” (poster), Education section.

Dr. Leann Kerr, assistant professor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Gina Pariser, professor of Physical Therapy, and Physical Therapy graduate students Danielle Backes, Grace Daly, Casey Gettelfinger, Alicia Pollert and Chloe Zimmerer: “Walk with Ease™: A community-based approach to improving dynamic balance, decreasing fall risk, and increasing physical activity in people with osteoarthritis” (platform presentation), Geriatrics: Health Wellness section.

Dr. Carrie Hawkins, Dr. Laura Miller, assistant professor of Exercise Science, and Physical Therapy graduate students Karianna Huff, Michael Zylik and Brittany Back: “TUFF: A New Outcome Measure to Customize Treatment and Improve Fall Recovery in Adults with Neurological Disorders” (poster), Neurology: Balance and Falls SIG section.

Dr. Catherine Crandell, associate professor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Sarah Quinn, assistant professor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Christopher Wingard, professor of Physical Therapy, and Physical Therapy graduate students Jarek Penny, Reid Imel, Kevin Swartz, Jessica Weiss, Joshua Wilson, John Hamm and Joseph Flynn: “Use of the BNAT, a Novel Objective Physical Assessment Tool, to Discriminate between Specific Cancer Diagnoses and Their ECOG Performance Status Scores” (poster), Oncology section.

Dr. David Boyce, associate professor of Physical Therapy, and Physical Therapy graduate students Ashley Burkhardt, Alexandra Meador, Patrick McLean, Rebecca Pugh, Grant Smith and Edo Zylstra: “Needlestick Injuries Sustained by Physical Therapists While Performing Dry Needling: Prevalence, Reporting, and Causes” (platform presentation), Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management section.

Dr. Sonja Bareiss, associate professor of Physical Therapy, and Physical Therapy graduate students Morgan Rowe, Nia Patel, Tammy Nguyen, Emma Sibalich, Haley Willow, Hailee Bray, Terry Jones and Kori Brewer: “Mechanisms of Sensory Plasticity in the Development of At-Level Neuropathic Pain Following Spinal Cord Injury” (poster), Research section.

Dr. Katie McBee, part-time Physical Therapy faculty, Dr. Sonja Bareiss and Physical Therapy graduate students Milli Crowder, Madison Osbourne, Haley Holt, and Nathan Hobbs: “Evaluation of Pre-Licensure Physical Therapy Curriculum and a Stand-Alone Pain Elective on Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes of Pain” (poster), Research section.

Dr. Natalie Vance, part-time Physical Therapy faculty and PT alumna, Dr. Elizabeth Ulanowski, Dr. Megan Danzl, and Physical Therapy graduate students Emily Barrett and Daniel Ryan: “A Case Report of a Clinical Decision Making Approach to Address Functional Limitations in an Individual with Kennedy’s Disease, a Rare Neurological Disorder” (poster), Neurology: Degenerative Diseases SIG section.

Dr. Christopher Wingard, Dr. Catherine Crandell and Physical Therapy graduate students Gwendolyn Casper, Taylor Dauphin, Natalie Schroll, Madelyn Vadney, Kevin Brownand Teresa Smith: “Dynamic Functional Testing of the Upper Extremity in Collegiate Dancers Using the Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Stability Test: A Pilot Study” (poster), Orthopedic Section: Performing Arts.

Annsley Frazier Thornton School of Education

Dr. Kristin Cook and colleagues published “Problem-based paleontology: A STEAM exploration for fourth graders” in Science and Children. At the annual meeting of the International Association for Science Teacher Education in Savannah, Ga., Dr. Cook presented “Elementary students’ perceptions of STEAM learning” and “Fresh thinking for students through STEAM,” which was a National Technology Leadership Initiative Award finalist. She also presented "Highly-structured integrated STEM professional development: Challenges and insights gained from a cross-case analysis” at the meeting.

Dr. Donald “DJ” Mitchell Jr. co-authored a journal article titled “Living Behind the Veil: How Black Mothers with Daughters Attending Predominantly White Schools Experience Racial Battle Fatigue When Combating Racial Microaggressions” in the Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race. He also delivered a refereed presentation titled “The History and Culture of Historically Black Colleges and Universities” at the College Personnel Association of Kentucky’s Annual Conference in Murray, Ky., in January. 

Dr. Kevin Thomas, Dr. Elizabeth Dinkins and Imari Hazelwood, a doctoral candidate in the Ph.D. in Social Change program, published an article, “Racial Microaggressions: Stories of Black Candidates in a Teacher Preparation Program at a Predominately White Intuition,” in the AILACTE Journal (Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education).

Dr. Mike Vetter recently served as the committee chair and moderator for the College Personnel Association of Kentucky’s “Hall of Fame” Induction Ceremony, which recognized outstanding leadership to universities in the Commonwealth of Kentucky as well as contributions to state, region, and national professional associations in the field of higher education.

W. Fielding Rubel School of Business

Dr. Dan Bauer, professor of Finance, and a co-author presented “Dynamic Pricing: Some Thoughts and Analysis” at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines’ January conference. The paper was named Best in the Finance/International Finance Track. Dr. Bauer also served as chair of the AACSB Peer Review Team for Woodbury University’s Continuous Improvement Review. The visit was Jan. 27-29.

Ms. Christy Burge, instructor of Accounting, conducted two workshops for accounting students: an Excel skills workshop with Ethan Moore from the accounting firm of BKD and a networking/art of communication workshop with Karen Millner from Linguistical.

Dr. Alisha Harper, chair of the departments of Accounting and Business Administration, MTAX graduate Jonathan Hunter Boschert, a PWC Global Mobility associate, and Dr. Keith Richardson, professor of Accounting, had their paper “From One Corporation to Another:  The Impact of the 2018 TCJA on Dividend Payments” accepted for presentation at the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences’ 26th Annual Conference in March.

Dr. Sharon Kerrick, dean of the Rubel School, published an article, along with two co-authors, in the Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance—“Performance Improvement: When Do Employees Learn From Others’ Success Stories?” She was an invited member on a peer review team for AACSB accreditation for Xavier University. She created a collaborative “Financial Wellness” program for students with Spalding University and University of Louisville. She served as a committee member organizing and co-hosting “Women in Trade” event with the World Trade Center of Kentucky. Kerrick is also co-teaching and facilitating an “Innovation in Industry” MBA course with David Jones Jr. as lead instructor. Dr. Kerrick hosted a TALK (Technology Association of Louisville, KY) Tech group event featuring virtual reality/artificial intelligence experts and also hosted the Rubel School Annual Holiday Open House.

Dr. Michael Luthy, professor of Marketing, and Dr. Joe Thornton, assistant professor of Management, have had an article, “Management principles applied to acculturating students to classroom behavior: The professionalism statement,” accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of the Global Journal of Business Pedagogy.

Dr. Joe Thornton was named vice president of the Board of Directors for Heuser Hearing Institute and Heuser Hearing and Learning Academy and will also serve as chair of the Finance Committee. 

Dr. Elizabeth Payne, Endowed Chair of Accounting, as a member of the Board of Directors of Financial Executives International, delivered a great joint program with ACG Louisville in January that featured Hilliard Lyons Chairman and CEO Jim Allen.

School of Communication

Dr. Wuyu (Rain) Liu and colleagues had the following papers accepted for presentation at the 69th International Communication Association’s annual meeting in Washington D.C., in May 2019: “The perceived effectiveness of executive leadership communication among management-level staff,” and “The Influence of injunctive social norms on food waste prevention behaviors: Toward a culturally-based social normative approach.” Dr. Liu is also invited to attend the DySoC/NIMBioS Investigative Workshop—Social Norms: Emergence, Persistence, and Effects—at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis on the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville in April 2019. 

Dr. Michael Strawser gave an invited presentation entitled “Public Speaking in a ‘Voiceless’ Age” to communication students and faculty at Hanover College on Jan. 15.

Staff News and Achievements

Mr. Bryan Hamann, assistant director of Campus Traditions and Residence Life coordinator, received the Kentucky College Personnel Association’s Outstanding Young Professional Award. 

Ms. Ashleigh Hazley, career advisor, volunteers as a Cities United Roadmap Fellowship coach and has been invited to attend the Obama Foundation’s “MBK (My Brother’s Keeper) Rising!” in Oakland, Calif., from Feb. 18-20. This is an inaugural national gathering of the Obama Foundation, and President Obama will be present.

Mr. Chase Broughton has accepted the position as the new men’s cross country and track & field coach.

Mr. Andrew Schoeneck has accepted the position as the new lacrosse assistant coach.

Mr. Mark Meade, assistant director of the Merton Center, took part in a panel presentation on “What I Am Living For” at Catholic Theological Union’s conference “‘Disappear from View?’ Thomas Merton Fifty Years Later, and Beyond” on Dec. 8, 2018.

Dr. Paul Pearson, director and archivist of the Merton Center, gave a paper, “Emblems for a Season of Fury: The Art of Thomas Merton” at the Catholic Theological Union’s conference “‘Disappear from View?’ Thomas Merton Fifty Years Later, and Beyond” on Dec. 8. Dr. Pearson also published a review of The Root of War Is Fear: Thomas Merton’s Advice to Peacemakers by Jim Forest in The Merton Journal 25.2 (Advent 2018).

The Office of Public Safety is a NASPA Excellence Award winner for its work in violence education and prevention, crisis management and campus security. This award recognizes outstanding contributions of association members who are transforming higher education through exceptional programs, innovative services, and effective administration.