Strategic Planning Phase II Update


This past spring Phase I of the strategic planning initiative was completed and findings were reported at the April 26th Town Hall. The Strategic Plan Steering Committee identified 11 broad priorities requiring further investigation to determine their appropriateness for inclusion into Bellarmine’s final strategic plan. A summary of Phase I can be found on the OneBellarmine Strategic Planning Information site. Phase II of the initiative began last week with Work Groups formed around the 11 broad priorities identified. I am excited to share over 150 staff and faculty volunteered to serve on the Work Groups and the membership list is listed below.

On May 16th, the Board of Trustees were presented an update on the progress made thus far in the strategic planning process. They were impressed with the 11 priorities identified and provided helpful feedback to the Steering Committee. The one area Trustees thought was important enough to add is the review of our opportunities and challenges in Athletics. Through substantive conversation, it became clear that this work should be done as part of our strategic planning process and a 12th Work Group will be charged with reviewing our conference affiliation as well as a review of our division. Made up largely of Trustees, this group will conduct their review in concert with our planning process. We are recruiting for that committee now and will release the names when the membership is complete.

I hope you are finding the time for some rest and relaxation this summer.

Susan M. Donovan, Ph.D

Work Group 1 – Bellarmine’s Mission, Purpose, and Identity – 12 People

Nancy and Angela

  • Co-Chair – Keith Knapp (SPSC)
  • Co-Chair – Pam Cartor (F)
  • Joseph Flipper (F)
  • Laura Kline (S)
  • Carlyn Nugent (S)
  • Father John Pozhathuparambil (S)
  • Kristin Wallitsch (S)
  • David Paige (F)
  • Kate Bulinski (F, SPSC)
  • Linh Nguyen (S)
  • Gina Priddy (S)
  • Lauren Monaghan (Student)
  • Elizabeth Yeske (Student)

Work Group 2 – Affordability and Financial Sustainability – 17 People

Sean and Claudette

  • Co-Chair Denise Brown-Cornelius (S, SPSC)
  • Co-Chair Mike Vetter (F)
  • Kate Brabandt (S)
  • Lance Edwards (S)
  • Paul Fultz (S)
  • Jazzmine Golden (S)
  • Cody Jennings (S)
  • Leah Miller (S)
  • Shawn Snapp (S)
  • Roy Stansbury (S)
  • John Stemmer (S)
  • Drew Thiemann (S)
  • Mark Kaelin (F)
  • Dan Bauer (F)
  • Elizabeth Payne (F)
  • Rick Brown (SPSC)
  • Andrew Chandler (Student)

Work Group 3 – Curriculum and Academic Quality – 15 People

Nancy and Angela

  • Co-Chair Barb Jackson (F, SPSC)

  • Co-Chair Graham Ellis (S)
  • Anna Christianson (F)
  • Megan Danzl (F)
  • Alisha Harper (F)
  • Christy McGee (F)
  • Evanthia Speliotis (F)
  • Bradley Stevenson (F)
  • Jim Breslin (S)
  • Steven Wilt (F, SPSC)
  • Elizabeth Dinkins (F)
  • Tim Sturgeon (S)
  • Lory King (S)
  • Steven Cheppo (Student)
  • Kendrick Thomas (Student)

Work Group 4 – Academic Program and Degree Offerings – 9 People

Nancy and Angela

  • Co-Chair Emily Brock (S)
  • Co-Chair Kate Johnson (SPSC)
  • Beth Ennis (F)
  • Jessica Hume (F)
  • Akhtar Mahmood (F)
  • Christy Kane (F)
  • Lauren Keeling (S)
  • Chris Wingard (F, SPSC)
  • Lauren Neal (Student)

Work Group 5 – Feasibility of Existing & New Schools and Colleges – 12 People

Nancy and Angela

  • Co-Chair Mark Wiegand (S, SPSC)
  • Co-Chair Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty (F)
  • Julie Anderson (S)
  • Julie Armstrong-Binnix (S)
  • Brian Atkinson (S)
  • Heather Boutell (S)
  • Jeff Dean (S)
  • Chris Golden (S, SPSC)
  • Grant Smith (F, SPSC)
  • Tara Ising (S)
  • Lara Needham (S)
  • Christopher Loughery (Student)

Work Group 6 – Effective and Innovative Course Delivery – 15 People

Nancy and Angela

  • Co-Chair Adam Elias (S/SPSC)
  • Co-Chair Karen Golemboski (F)
  • Julie O’Brien (S)
  • Kevin Peers (S)
  • Janice Poston (S)
  • Chantal Prewitt (F)
  • Dave Robinson (F)
  • Muhammad Saleem (F)
  • Eric Satterly (S)
  • Keith Richardson (F, SPSC)
  • Sean Apostel (F, SPSC)
  • Conor Picken (F)
  • Dave Clark (F)
  • Eli Megibben (Student)
  • Stefania Romano (Student)

Work Group 7 – Student Recruitment and Enrollment – 15 People

Sean and Claudette

  • Co-Chair Sara Pettingill (S, SPSC)
  • Co-Chair Michael Strawser (F)
  • Christy Burge (F)
  • Brad Craig (S)
  • Justin Klassen (F)
  • Peter Kremer (S)
  • Bob Pfaadt (F)
  • Lauren Coffey (S)
  • Amy Siegel (S)
  • Alie Willer (S)
  • Greg Kelsey (F)
  • Mark Kano (F)
  • Laura Hartford (F)
  • Jomiya Coleman (Student)
  • Jeremy Crush (Student)

Work Group 8 – Student Experience, Retention and Success – 27 People

Sean and Claudette

  • Co-Chair Lindsey Peetz (S, SPSC)
  • Co-Chair Heather Owens (F)
  • Shelby Bosi (S)
  • Clare Dever (S)
  • Lindsey Gilmore (S)
  • Dawn Graviss (S)
  • Katie Kelty (S)
  • Martha Lundgren (S)
  • Jessica Lynch (S)
  • Jackie McNatt (S)
  • Lois O’Brien (S)
  • Brian Pfaadt (S)
  • Emily Werner (S)
  • Andrew Schroeder (S)
  • Sarah Schuble (S)
  • Hannah Steen (S)
  • Tara Stewart (S)
  • Carrie Hawkins (F)
  • Ann Jirkovsky (F)
  • Ta’Neka Lindsay (F)
  • Christopher Pickering (F)
  • Amy Tudor (F)
  • Qiana Ingram (S)
  • Abby James (Student)
  • Emily Purdy (Student)
  • Reed Sparta (Student)

Work Group 9 – Success Beyond Bellarmine – 12 People

Sean and Claudette

  • Co-Chair Elizabeth Cassady (S, SPSC)
  • Co-Chair Jordan Wiehebrink (S)
  • Linda Bailey (S)
  • Chris Kircher (S)
  • Theresa Klapheke (S)
  • Lilly Massa-McKinley (S)
  • Frank Hutchins (F)
  • Sonja Bareiss (F)
  • Beverly Bone (F)
  • Meme Tunnell (F)
  • Sabrina Fussenegger (Student)
  • Monica Jackson (Student)

Work Group 10 – The Bellarmine Community – 22 People

Sean and Claudette

  • Co-Chair Patrick Englert (S, SPSC)
  • Co-Chair DJ Mitchell (F)
  • Natasha Begin (S)
  • Anne Bucalos (S)
  • Bryan Hamann (S)
  • Ashleigh Hazley (S)
  • Cheryl Love (S)
  • Sara Jane Musk (S)
  • Kevin Rasp (S)
  • Pam Stackhouse (S)
  • Shelby Sullivan (S)
  • Lisa Whitenack (S)
  • Lee Willingham (S)
  • Marisa Zoeller (S)
  • Margaret Zurkuhlen (S)
  • Kyle Barnett (F)
  • Thomas Wojcicki (F)
  • Hunt Helm (S)
  • Joe Frazier (S)
  • Xaria Bryant (Student)
  • Emmanuel Fasipe (Student)
  • Shannon Wilson (Student)

Work Group 11 – External Engagement – 19 People

Sean and Claudette

  • Co-Chair Ian Patrick (S, SPSC)
  • Co-Chair Chelsey Franz (F)
  • Megan Burnett (F)
  • Gabrielle Bosley (S)
  • Kate Crandall (F)
  • Kathy Hager (F)
  • Tina Kauffmann (S)
  • Jess Metzmeier (S)
  • Kevin Rasp (S)
  • Matt Real (S)
  • Abigail Walsh (S)
  • Courtney Keim (F)
  • Linda Mefford (F)
  • Julie Toner (F)
  • James Standard (S, SPSC)
  • Kim Kerns (S)
  • Becca Broda (Student)
  • Alexandra Ghinn (Student)
  • Madeline Horton (Student