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Abby Surprised to Learn Bellarmine Most Affordable Option

Feb 1, 2021, 12:53 PM by Katelyn Norris

By: Abby Couch, Elementary Education & Learning/Behavioral Disorders


When asked about my Bellarmine story, I feel like it is appropriate for me to start with my Senior year of high school. I did not make my college decision until around March because I was really having a hard time deciding.

From my very first visit to Bellarmine, I knew this was where I wanted to be. I attended the Honors Scholarship Competition weekend, and even though it was quite a stressful time, I could tell Bellarmine was where I fit. Everything about the liberal arts education appealed to me.

So why was it so hard for me to decide? A big part of it was financial. I had assumed Bellarmine would be too expensive for me. Although, when my parents and I were looking at it, it was cheaper than most of my other options. This made the decision to choose Bellarmine so easy.

I had assumed Bellarmine would be too expensive for me. Although, when my parents and I were looking at it, it was cheaper than most of my other options.


Going into my first year here at Bellarmine, I did not know anyone. No one from my high school was going to Bellarmine, and I did not know anyone from my general area that was going here. I had a random roommate. I came in pretty much blind in terms of knowing anyone here. This made it a little scary starting orientation and trying to navigate campus without a group of people by my side. Although, I was pretty excited about being able to choose a new group of friends and create an identity at Bellarmine I would be proud of.

This is where Bellarmine really guided me and helped me grow. Orientation forced me out of my comfort zone and gave me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. I am great friends with many of the people from my orientation group still. I also came into Bellarmine being a part of the Honors program. This gave me another group of people to support me on my journey through Bellarmine. At the end of my first year at Bellarmine, I had a solid group of friends, I was really enjoying my major, and I was simply enjoying life. The independence college gave me was something I needed in my life. Although, after my first year of college, I can’t say I gave much back to the university that gave so much to me.

At the end of my first year at Bellarmine, I had a solid group of friends, I was really enjoying my major, and I was simply enjoying life.


Sophomore year I made the decision to fully dive into Bellarmine University. My first year it seemed like I was going through the motions. This is very understandable because the first year is a transition for many people. It is important to give yourself space to adjust and grow.

This second year was all about getting even further outside of my comfort zone and taking on some leadership roles here on campus. I became a part of the Week of Welcome team, which forever changed my outlook on Bellarmine University. It showed me what a family this campus is. I learned the true meaning of hospitality and the pineapple you can find on our crest.

This is also the year I became a Bellarmine Ambassador. After Week of Welcome, I realized how much I love talking about Bellarmine, welcoming people to Bellarmine, and showing them everything Bellarmine has to offer. This made joining Ambassadors an easy decision. I also become a part of the Bellarmine Activities Council. This put me on the forefront of all things fun at Bellarmine. I was now able to plan exciting events and activities for students to even further build community on campus.

Overall, my sophomore year was full of taking risks and taking on a more active role in Bellarmine’s community. To go even further, this year brought me a group of life-long friends I would consider family. Although this year was cut short, I did not have any regrets because I took full advantage of every second I spent on campus with my Bellarmine family.

To go even further, this year brought me a group of life-long friends I would consider family. 


Now, I am in my junior year here at Bellarmine. It seems insane I am already an upperclassman. This year may look a little bit different than normal, but being a part of Bellarmine’s campus the past two years, I felt prepared to be welcomed back to the campus I would call a second home.

I am still involved in everything I mentioned above. These roles I have taken on are further solidified and strengthened this year. I have taken a lot of comfort in the fact I put myself out of my comfort zone the past two years.

The people I have met and bonded with along the way have made this journey at Bellarmine so special. The people at Bellarmine University are what make this place home. They are family. It seems cheesy, but I am so unashamed to say it is true. Once you become a part of BU, BU becomes a part of you. I could not imagine doing these past two and a half years any different. Every decision I have made has led me to something so special and outstanding. Bellarmine has allowed me every opportunity to grow and learn. All I had to do was say yes to Bellarmine. 


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