Undergraduate Admissions

At Bellarmine, our 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio keeps you in direct contact with your professors. Your courses aren’t taught by teaching assistants. Learning like this just doesn’t happen at the megaversities and it shows in our high four-year graduation rates and in the successful careers of our graduates throughout the world.

Maybe you’re a tennis player who plans to major in business and join the investing club. Maybe you’re a theatre major with a special interest in dance. Or maybe you have no idea what the future holds. Whoever you are, Bellarmine has the majors, athletics, intramurals, clubs and organizations to inspire you to great heights.

At Bellarmine, you won’t just attend lectures and cram for tests. You’ll pursue an education in the liberal arts and sciences – an education that teaches critical thinking and lifelong learning. These are the ideas that illuminate the path to enlightenment and prepare you to excel in jobs that haven’t even been thought up yet.