Associate Professor and Chair
Newman 227
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Ph.D. Resource Ecology and Management, University of Michigan (2009)
M.S. Resource Ecology and Management, University of Michigan (2002)
B.A. Geology, Carleton College (1998)


Aquatic ecology, ecohydrology, water resources, ecosystem restoration, Great Lakes and Ohio River ecosystems, plant-hydrology feedbacks, river-lake interactions.


ENVS 111 Environmental Science
ENVS 151 Understanding Environmental Systems
ENVS 330 Sustainable Development 
ENVS 340 Aquatic Ecology
ENVS 408 Ecology
ENVS 490 Environmental Seminar
IDC 401 Water and Society
HONR 401 Water: The Last Drop

Current Research Projects

  • Floodplain restoration in the Wabash River watershed
  • Urban wetland restoration monitoring
  • Watershed management in the Blue River, southern Indiana
  • Interactions between hydrogeomorphic structure and wetlands in Great Lakes rivermouth ecosystems

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, Bellarmine University (2018-present)
  • Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Studies, Bellarmine University (2013-2018)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Boston College (2012-2013)
  • Lecturer, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan (2011)
  • Research Ecologist, U.S. Geological Survey Great Lakes Science Center (2009-2011)

Selected Publications

Carlson Mazur, M.L., D.A. Wilcox, and M.J. Wiley. 2020. Hydrogeology and landform morphology affect plant communities in a Great Lakes ridge-and-swale wetland complex. Wetlands 40: 2209-2224.

Carlson Mazur, M.L., J. Schaeffer, J.E. Granneman, N. Goldstrohm, F.A. Fitzpatrick, J.H. Larson, P.C. Reneau, K.P. Kowalski, P.W. Seelbach. 2019. Seasonal patterns in hydrochemical mixing in three Great Lakes rivermouth ecosystems. Journal of Great Lakes Research 45:651-663.

Xu, W., P. Collingsworth, B. Bailey, M.L. Carlson Mazur, J. Schaeffer, and B. Minsker. 2017. Detecting spatial patterns of rivermouth processes using a geostatistical framework for near-real-time analysis. Environmental Modelling & Software 97:72-85.

McLaughlin, D., M.L. Carlson Mazur, D.A. Kaplan, M.J. Cohen. 2014. Estimating effective specific yield in inundated conditions: a comment on a recent application. Ecohydrology 7:1245-1247

Carlson Mazur, M.L.
, K.P. Kowalski, and D. Galbraith. 2014. Assessment of suitable habitat for Phragmites australis (common reed) in the Great Lakes coastal zone. Aquatic Invasions 9:1-19

Carlson Mazur, M.L., M.J. Wiley, and D.A. Wilcox. 2014. Estimating evapotranspiration and groundwater flow from water-table fluctuations for a general wetland scenario. Ecohydrology 7:378-390.

Larson, J.H., A. Trebitz, A.D. Steinman, M.J. Wiley, M.L. Carlson Mazur, V. Pebbles, H. Braun, and P. Seelbach. 2013. Great Lakes rivermouth ecosystems: Scientific synthesis and management implications. Journal of Great Lakes Research 39:513-324

Bourgeau-Chavez, L., K.P. Kowalski, M.L. Carlson Mazur, K.A. Scarbrough, R.B. Powell, C.N. Brooks, B. Huberty, L.K. Jenkins, E.C. Banda, D.M. Galbraith, Z. Laubach, and K. Riordan. 2012. Mapping invasive Phragmites australis in the coastal Great Lakes with ALOS PALSAR satellite imagery for decision support. Journal of Great Lakes Research 39:65-77