Pre-Pharmacy Program

Bellarmine University prepares students for application to graduate programs in pharmacy. To qualify for admission, students must satisfy a variety of course and extra-curricular requirements. While institutional requirements may vary, most programs require applicants to submit scores from the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), generally taken before or during the fall semester of the application year. In addition, candidates are expected to have demonstrated a commitment to the profession through participation in relevant activities, which may include volunteer work or employment in a pharmacy-related environment (retail or otherwise).

Necessary coursework is heavily weighted toward the sciences, but a science major is not essential. Interested students should contact specific institutions to determine detailed admission requirements and meet with a Bellarmine pre-pharmacy advisor as soon as possible to develop a plan that will satisfy all prerequisites. Additional information regarding careers in pharmacy and the application process may be found on the Pharmacy College Application Service website.

General Course Requirements for Admission to a Pharmacy Program

As noted above, course requirements may vary institutionally. The courses listed below will satisfy prerequisites for admission to many institutions including the University of Kentucky pharmacy program (for students entering college Fall 2014 or later).

General Requirements

Recommended Courses


Joseph F. Sinski, Ph.D. (email)
Department of Chemistry & Physics
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Patrick L. Holt, Ph.D. (email)
Department of Chemistry & Physics
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