Bachelor of Arts and ScienceChemistry


Prepare for a career in chemistry.

The Bellarmine University Chemistry Program is designed for students interested in chemistry and its numerous applications in diverse fields such as biology, physics, geology, and environmental studies. It is an appropriate degree program for students pursuing careers in engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, forensic science, or science education.

The program seeks to provide students with a comprehensive view of the chemical sciences through examination of fundamental concepts and exploration of multi-disciplinary applications. Course offerings, laboratory experiments, and research opportunities are tailored to the backgrounds and goals of individual students. At the upper level, program emphasis shifts from structured classroom and laboratory activities to experiences designed to develop increasing independence and creativity. As such, independent research is an integral part of junior/senior experience and is strongly encouraged at all levels.

Career Opportunities


Patrick Holt, Ph.D., Chair (email)
Savita Chaurasia, Ph.D. (email)
Anna Christianson, Ph.D. ( email)
Graham Ellis, Ph.D. (email)
Amanda Krzysiak, Ph.D. (email)


Theresa Hahn, Laboratory Coordinator (email)
Amos Zoeller, Instrument and Stockroom Manager (email)

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