Arts Administration Internships and Career Opportunities

Arts Administration students participate in a minimum of two internships. Faculty work one-on-one with students to place them within the community and develop individualized experiences that match personal interests and professional goals. Past internship placements include:

Fine Art

  • J.B. Speed Art Museum
  • Hertz Art Gallery
  • The Riflemaker Gallery (London, England)
  • The Louisville Visual Arts Association
  • Swanson Reed Art Gallery
  • Artswatch Gallery
  • The Weber Group
  • Louisville Visual Art


  • Blue Apple Theatre Company
  • Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
  • Segal Center Performing Arts (Montreal, Canada)
  • The Alley Theater Company
  • Disney College Program - Walt Disney World
  • Mayor's Commission on Public Art


  • Opera Memphis
  • The Handel House Museum (London, England)
  • Louisville Orchestra
  • Live Nation
  • Louisville Public Media


  • Governor’s School for the Arts
  • Americana Community Center
  • Frazier Museum of History
  • Barry Wooley Designs
  • Video Kitchen
  • Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts  
  • The Mellwood Arts Center
  • Zoom Group / Studio Works
  • Owensboro Museum of Art
  • Weber Gallery
  • Center Stage Theatre Company
  • Walden Theatre
  • WDJX Radio
  • Kentucky Opera Association
  • Kidz Club
  • The Kentucky Foundation for Women
  • Asia House (London, England)
  • Donna Lawrence Video Productions
  • Crane House
  • The Frazier Museum

Bellarmine Arts Administration graduates have followed a wide range of career paths as well as graduate education. Bellarmine’s emphasis on the liberal arts produces well-rounded students who are highly desirable to graduate schools and employers in any field.

A Vibrant Local Art Community

The city of Louisville is home to a rich and diverse arts scene. Louisville’s metro government, along with many sponsors, actively supports public art events throughout the community, with a dense calendar of concerts, plays, exhibits, and festivals all through the year. Below is a shortlist of Louisville art associations.

  • Actors Theatre of Louisville
  • Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft
  • Kentucky Opera Association
  • Kentucky Shakespeare Festival
  • Louisville Bach Society
  • Louisville Ballet
  • Louisville Orchestra
  • Louisville Theatrical Association
  • Louisville Visual Art Association
  • Louisville Youth Choir
  • Louisville Youth Orchestra
  • Music Theatre Louisville
  • Stage One
  • 21C Museum Hotel
  • Walden Theatre
  • West Louisville Performing Arts Academy