Featured Alumni

Missy (Rogers) Angolia

Bellarmine Graduation Year: 2004
Current position: Job Recruiter and Talent Guru at Incipio
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Vince Aprile

Bellarmine Graduation Year: 1965
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Tyler Harris

Tyler Harris  photoBellarmine Graduation Year: 2018
B.A. in English and two minors in Film Studies and Gender Studies
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Holly (Lewis) Hillard

Holly (Lewis) Hillard photoBellarmine Graduation Year: 2011
M.A. in Literacy Education from Western Kentucky University
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John James

Bellarmine Graduation Year: 2009
M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Poetry from Columbia University
M.A. in English Literature from Georgetown University
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Brandon Kenney

Bellarmine Graduation Year: 2011
Master of Philosophy and Public Policy from the London School of Economics
J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania
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Christine O’Hara

Christine O'Hara headshotBellarmine Graduation Year: 2004
M.S. in Communication Disorders from University of Louisville
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Bryanna Tidmarsh

Bellarmine Graduation Year: 2011
M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Rutgers-Newark
Pursuing Ph.D. in English Studies
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Carrie Vittitoe

VittitoeBellarmine Graduation Year: 1995
M.A. in Teaching from Bellarmine University
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