Bachelor of ScienceBiochemistry and Molecular Biology

Prepare for careers in medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is an interdisciplinary field that studies life processes at a cellular and molecular level.

Why earn your Biochemistry and Molecular Biology degree at Bellarmine?

Biochemistry is a marriage between biology and chemistry, allowing you to use chemistry tools to examine living processes with great detail. At Bellarmine, you will test-drive biochemistry in your first year in a seminar course covering disease-based case studies. Normally, students do not take biochemistry until their third year. Students have the opportunity to take electives from both the Biology and Chemistry departments, including Gross Anatomy and Medicinal Chemistry. Choosing electives from both chemistry and biology allows students to individualize their education to best suit their career goals. Knowledge is powerful, but hands-on experience is vital to learning science. Our faculty in both biology and chemistry are engaged in active research projects involving undergraduate students. Our students attend national meetings every year to present their work.

Program Highlights

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program at Bellarmine University retains the fundamental goals of a liberal arts education while allowing students to immerse their studies in the sciences.

The program is designed to introduce the fundamental knowledge of the sciences by concept-based learning and to stimulate creative thinking and effective problem-solving through scientific experimentation.

The program requires two years of chemistry, one year of physics, one year of math and one year of biology before embarking into the upper-level biochemistry courses during the junior and senior years.


“The faculty in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department became some of the most influential mentors in my career. Without their encouragement, I would not have pursued a Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Public Health or advanced pharmacy residency training. Bellarmine allowed me to reach heights I never dreamed possible, and it can do the same for you.”

Kevin Mercer ’13
Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Emergency Medicine Clinical Pharmacist
Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center, Panama City, FL

Career Opportunities

  1. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology offers excellent training for those wishing to enter the work force in the chemical or biomedical industry directly.
  2. A BMB degree is also a great springboard into graduate training in the biomedical sciences leading to advanced careers in academia (universities) and biomedical industries.
  3. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology offers excellent preparation and coverage of the pre-requisites for graduate training in the health sciences including: Medicine, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine, and many more.
  4. The interdisciplinary nature of BMB allows students who love science the opportunity to explore and develop their career goals as well as change career trajectories through the course of their undergraduate training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are required to complete the program?
  • Core Courses: BIOL 130, 231, 240, 313; CHEM 103, 104, 205, 206; BMB 101, 301, 302, 317, 370, 401, 402, 498, 499, and 8 hours selected from BIOL 314, 401, 405, 406, 408, 410, 413, 415, 430, 435, 441, 442, CHEM 307, 307L, 309, 309L, 411, 411L, 412, 412L, 415, 415L, 421, 421L, 422, 424.
  • Required Related Courses: MATH 117, 118; PHYS 205, 206.
  • Pre-medical students should plan to take PYSC 103, SOC 101, and MATH 205 in preparation for the MCAT exam.
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What employment opportunities are available with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology?

This degree is designed for students with a focused interest in the pursuit of graduate level education and research in the field of biochemistry, molecular biology, and the life sciences. Independent research is encouraged at all levels.

Do you provide job or internship placement?

Yes. Bellarmine guarantees every student the opportunity to have an internship, develop a career plan and build a professional network.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Please go to Bellarmine’s financial aid website for detailed information on financial aid packages. Additionally, students can work with our Faculty Development Center to apply for grants and awards outside of the Bellarmine offerings.

How many hours can I expect to spend studying outside of class time?

Students have their own learning styles so this can vary greatly. As a rule of thumb, expect to spend an average of two hours studying for every hour you spend in class.

On- and Off-Campus Experiences

As a BMB major, you will have the opportunity to perform research and take laboratory classes within the Norton Health Science Center, a $6.3 million facility. We have an impressive array of instruments, and you’ll learn to use the entire department’s equipment starting in your first year.

The BMB Club has hosted speakers, participated in service projects, initiated fund-raising campaigns, and is affiliated with the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). Students have the opportunity to present their research at the ASBMB national meeting.

We strongly encourage students to participate in one of the many study abroad programs offered by the Department of International Studies during their four years at Bellarmine. BMB majors have taken summer courses in Prague, participated in research projects in Marburg, Germany, and studied for a semester at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. These experiences provide lifetime memories and excellent opportunities for intellectual and personal growth.

We also encourage our students to apply to undergraduate summer research programs all over the United States. Students are eligible for these opportunities during their first, second and third years. In these programs, students work for 8-10 weeks in the summer doing research in laboratory settings. Many of these awards include a salary and housing accommodations. These are excellent opportunities to access cutting-edge techniques and experience different approaches to research.


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