Foreign Languages: Your Passport to the Future - Your Key to the Past

You are probably aware that studying foreign languages increases your understanding of other cultures and will give you the extra edge in today's competitive job market, but did you realize foreign languages are essential or important in over 60 occupations as a primary skill500 to 5000 persons are routinely employed abroad by each of the major U.S. companies. The U.S. Government employs about 30,000 persons with a working knowledge of foreign languages1,261 companies surveyed reported 60,687 positions requiring a second language. Foreign banks are opening branches in most major U.S. cities (New York alone has close to 200) and need employees with foreign language skills. University and departmental requirements for foreign languages are on the increase, since, in many fields, a working knowledge of foreign languages is important for research. Knowing foreign languages will open career possibilities in translating, interpreting, and oversees teaching. Business and industry often find it necessary to hire multilingual people from other countries due to a shortage of Americans with skills in multiple languages. The media increasingly hire reporters and other journalists with a knowledge of foreign languages and cultures.

Nearly 50 percent of U.S. multinational corporation executives know foreign languages.

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