Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for the major in Theology include: education, ministry, writing, counseling, social service, advocacy, human resources, law, etc.. Students frequently combine a major in theology with another major to amplify their skills in service-oriented professions. There are a variety of internship opportunities available in churches, hospitals, outreach programs and volunteer organizations. Historically, theology was the foundation for the university in the West, and it remains an excellent course of study in the liberal arts. Students majoring in theology are prepared for graduate study in theology, religion, ministry and in a number of related disciplines in the liberal arts and the professions. The Campus Ministry program at Bellarmine provides students with an opportunity to participate in a number of faith-based student groups, such as the Catholic Students Association (CSA), Ichthus, Hillel (Foundation for Jewish Campus Life), and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and in related activities such as liturgy and service opportunities.