Dr. Deborah Thompson Prince

Associate Professor
Bellarmine University
Office: Alumni Hall 102
Phone: 502.272.8395

Dr. Prince joined Bellarmine’s faculty in 2011 as the first full time biblical scholar at the University. She teaches courses in Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Her teaching and scholarship is concerned with the influence of religious, historical, and cultural contexts on the development and interpretation of the biblical texts. Dr. Prince’s work ranges from examinations of Luke and Acts in light of Greco-Roman rhetoric to explorations of biblical vision narratives as both a literary form and religious experience. She received her doctorate from the University of Notre Dame. The title of her dissertation is “Visions of the Risen Jesus: The Rhetoric of Certainty in Luke 24 and Acts 1.”

Recent Publications

  • Seeing Visions: The Persuasive Power of Sight in the Acts of the Apostles" Journal for the Study of the New Testament 40.3 (2108) 337-359 
  • “‘Why Do You Seek the Living Among the Dead?’ Rhetorical Questions in the Lukan Resurrection Narrative,” Journal of Biblical Literature 135, no. 1 (2016): 123–139.
  • Contributions to the commentary series, Feasting on the Gospels: Luke, Volume 1, Eds. Cynthia A. Jarvis and E. Elizabeth Johnson (Louisville: KY, Westminster/John Knox Press, 2014), pp. 219-235.
  • A book review in Horizons in Biblical Theology 37.1 (2015): Review of William C. Placher, Mark. (Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible). Eds. Amy Plantinga Pauw and William C. Placher. Louisville: KY: Westminster/John Knox Press, 2010.

Courses Taught

  • Theo 200 Ultimate Questions
  • Theo 301 Hebrew Scriptures
  • Theo 302 New Testament: The Gospels
  • Theo 304 New Testament: The Epistles
  • Theo 432 Jesus in His Palestinian Setting
  • Theo 441 Special Issues in Theology: Biblical Visions