Top 8 things to know about Bellarmine


8 Things You Should Know About Bellarmine

Bellarmine Difference

You might have heard of Bellarmine University recently and thought ‘hey, who is that?’ 

That makes sense. Bellarmine’s name is getting out there now, more than ever before.   

We are a small, thriving university on the rise, earning accolades for our excellent, student-centric education. And, our athletics program just moved to NCAA Division I in the ASUN Conference, so our teams are fiercely competing throughout the Southeast.   

But, there’s so much more to the story. You need a proper introduction.  

Here are a few things that define Bellarmine and make us who we are:   


1. Liberal arts.

We’re a private, liberal arts university. A liberal arts degree is a highly sought-after degree because it emphasizes critical thinking, diverse learning, research skills and the ability to work productively with others. Ours is a tradition of academic excellence that’s accessible to everyone.

Bellarmine students on the big 4 bridge


2. We’re affordable.

Bellarmine guarantees a scholarship award to 100 percent of admitted first-year students. Last year, the Financial Aid office offered an average comprehensive award of nearly $38,000 (including loan opportunities) for the incoming class. Bellarmine’s Public Price Promise grants qualifying students the opportunity to attend Bellarmine by matching the overall cost of their state’s flagship university. 


3. We’re in Louisville, Kentucky.

There’s a lot to love about living in Louisville, a major urban center that embodies the charms of the Midwest and the South. It’s a mecca for music, art, great restaurants and the outdoors. And, it has a bustling economy for employment opportunities. Bellarmine’s campus is nestled in the Highlands, an eclectic, walkable neighborhood near downtown, filled with independent businesses, coffee shops and art galleries.


4. We value inclusivity. 

Hospitality has long been a cultural cornerstone at Bellarmine. “Hospitality is woven into everything we do on campus among all students, faculty and staff. Inclusivity is a key aspect of that,” said Bryan Hamann, director of strategic initiatives and special projects at Bellarmine. The university not only welcomes students of all backgrounds but has also established initiatives and programs to help create an even more equitable academic environment. The  Diversity Peer Educator (DPE) Program, which strengthens inclusivity through student leaders who serve as ambassadors and educators, is a good example. “These students work in partnership with housing and residence life to promote diversity and inclusion within our residence halls,” Hamann said. “And they also partner with our Office of Identity and Inclusion to advise, train and coach.”


Bellarmine students


5. We’re civic-minded.

If you’ve always felt a duty to give back to your community, you’ll quickly find common ground with other students at Bellarmine. Volunteer involvement on campus and the surrounding community is more common than not. You could even start something entirely new, which is exactly what happened when one student recognized that food insecurity was an issue. “They helped create our first food pantry, which is now called Knights Pantry,” Hamann says. “It’s now overseen by a completely student-run board.”  

The university is laser-focused on giving students the experiences they need in the classroom and work world to begin and progress through their careers.


6. We’re outcomes-oriented.

At Bellarmine, students start with their end goals in mind. The university is laser-focused on giving students the experiences they need in the classroom and work world to begin and progress through their careers. Experiential learning is a critical part of the Bellarmine experience, so much so, the university guarantees every student will have the opportunity to land an internship, develop a career plan and build a professional network. That solid start spells lasting success. Bellarmine tracks and analyzes graduate outcomes on an ongoing basis and finds that: 

  • On average, Knights get hired and make more money than graduates from other universities. The average starting salary for BU grads is $50,000. For those who choose to pursue a graduate degree, the average salary is $68,000. 
  • Bellarmine graduates have the highest earning potential of any Kentucky university 10 years after graduation and earn the highest mid-career salaries of any university in the state. 
  • 91 percent of Bellarmine graduates are working within their field of study. 


7. We’re a tight-knit bunch.

Bellarmine’s small, welcoming campus and numerous support groups make for an environment rich in relationships. There are more than 70 student-created and led groups on campus and most students belong to at least one of them. Bellarmine’s learning communities and specialty programs also help students get connected and make friends, receive support from faculty and staff, and get involved at Bellarmine and beyond. The university also maintains a 12-1 student ratio, which means classroom connections are easily made with other students and professors.


Bellarmine's beautiful campus


8. Our campus is truly beautiful.

Bellarmine is perched atop rolling hills, overlooking the woods and fields of nearby Joe Creason park. Campus boasts many architectural beauties, including Our Lady of the Woods Chapel, a masterpiece of glass, wood and steel.   


That’s just a little about us. We’d love to further introduce ourselves and meet you, too! Visit us anytime you like, online or in person.  

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About Bellarmine University

Bellarmine University is a vibrant community of educational excellence and ethical awareness that consistently ranks among the nation’s best colleges and universities. Our students pursue an education based in the liberal arts – and in the distinguished, inclusive Catholic tradition of educational excellence, the oldest and most rewarding in the western world. It is a lifelong education, worthy of the university’s namesake, Saint Robert Bellarmine, and of his invitation to each of us to learn and live In Veritatis Amore – in the love of all that is beautiful, true and good in life.