Jessi-Jones graduated in 2023 through the Degree Completion Program.

Degree Completion

Jessi Jones '23: Bellarmine's Degree Completion Program is 'less complicated and less expensive' than public programs


Jessi Jones ’23 graduated in May 2023.
Why did you decide to enroll in the Degree Completion Program?
My current field requires a bachelor’s degree for me to advance further in my organization. Completing a degree while working full time is not something I thought I would ever be able to accomplish, especially since my husband and I have four young children. I had been giving some thought to finishing my degree online for quite a while. As I was starting to put out feelers, I got a targeted ad from Bellarmine in my newsfeed and sent in an inquiry. A degree completion specialist patiently answered all my questions and mapped out my possible degree paths, with a comprehensive breakdown of the costs and the time involved. The Degree Completion Program is less complicated and less expensive than similar programs at public colleges throughout the state, which was a really wonderful surprise! 
I went from thinking I'd never finish college, to thinking I'd finish in a few years, to wrapping up in about 12 months.

How was your experience in the program?

As I was just about two traditional semesters shy of graduating, most of my courses have been degree-specific. The professors have been conscious of student needs regarding time management and outside commitments like work and family. The accelerated courses (about 7 weeks for spring and fall; options as short as 3 weeks in the summer) mean that I can take more classes per semester while still only taking a courseload that I'm comfortable with, allowing me to finish faster than I expected and qualify for more financial aid from the government. I also feel that I learned a lot in most of my classes, even those that were not specifically related to my current career or my degree program. They have helped me find new interests and a renewed focus for my vocation. 
What advice would you give to others considering the program?
You really can do it. There's no rush. Even taking one course at a time, you could knock out 7 classes in a calendar year! I went from thinking I'd never finish college, to thinking I'd finish in a few years, to wrapping up in about 12 months. College may not be for everyone, but Bellarmine makes it a lot easier for everyone to finish college. 

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