Teacher professional education session


School of Education professors lead Archdiocesan teachers in improving mathematics instruction


In an enriching professional learning session hosted by the Archdiocese of Louisville in November, Dr. Jung Colen and Dr. Amy Lein from the School of Education offered a professional learning session focusing on improvement of mathematics education. A cohort of 34 educators from the schools of Archdiocese of Louisville--St. Agnes, St. Margaret Mary, St. John Paul II Academy, and Holy Spirit School--participated in the session as part of their dedicated Professional Learning Day.  
Dr. Colen showcased dynamic teaching methodologies in a second-grade classroom setting. Employing non-traditional and innovative approaches, she utilized the concept of “Today’s Number” to stimulate a paradigm shift in the participating teachers' perspectives. The session became a platform for the teachers to reflect on their students’ learning strategies, explore diverse teaching tools, and engage in meaningful and constructive discussions.  
Dr. Lein reinforced the importance of deep understanding of mathematics concepts such as multiplication facts, then introduced an evidence-based strategy, Incremental Rehearsal, which is designed to improve procedural fluency to be applied to memorizing math facts. The Incremental Rehearsal strategy was showcased and practiced by teachers, followed by reflective discussion.    
This collaborative effort, led by Dr. Colen and Dr. Lein, exemplified a commitment to advancing pedagogical practices and fostering a community of educators dedicated to the continual enhancement of mathematics education within the Archdiocese of Louisville.  

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